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Paviljoensgracht 33, 2512 Den Haag, Nederland
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Function description:

Language coaching provides more language skills, self-confidence and contacts. The Rumi Foundation believes it is important that language coaching is effective. That is why we provide a language companion course for our participants. The aim is to make language coaching effective, visible and available, so that permit holders can participate in society. We do this by linking the language buddies to status holders. This can be done by diving into the books together, but also by drinking coffee, exercising or doing groceries together.

This brings you along

- A good command of the Dutch and English language;

- Preferably also knowledge of Arabic;

- Affinity with and empathy for the refugee target group;

- Knowledge of the refugee problem;

- Good verbal and written expression;

- Personal characteristics: driven and responsible, resistant to stress , team player, proactive;

- You are also living in The Hague;

- Available about four hours a week.

Do you like to have a few? support our project as a language companion for hours a week? Then sign up now.

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About Stichting Rumi
Stichting Rumi stelt zich ten doel het bevorderen van de zelfredzaamheid, emancipatie, welzijn, arbeidsparticipatie, zorg en onderwijs van de doelgroep migranten in het algemeen en vluchtelingen in het bijzonder.
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This volunteering opportunity is expired
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