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Blaak 22, 3011 TA Rotterdam, Nederland
The organizer has marked this deed as filled. Applications are closed.
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Deel jij onze missie en wil je je graag inzetten om samen met ons een verschil te maken? Neem dan snel contact met ons op zodat we samen kunnen bekijken hoe je ons het best kan helpen! Vertel wat over jezelf en waarom je gemotiveerd bent om onze missie te steunen, dan komen we snel bij je terug en gaan we samen aan de slag!
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About Stichting VluchtelingenWerk Zuidwest-Nederland

The Dutch Council for Refugees focuses on the protection of refugees by promoting: - Legal security through non-refoulement, recognition and granting of refugee status and offering rights; - Social security through a welcome society where refugees can build a new life in complete safety; - International solidarity with countries that bear heavier burdens and with refugees who often remain without prospects in these countries

Social support - support with integration into society.
Legal guidance - support with the family reunification procedure.
Language coaches - one-on-one support of language and activation in the neighborhood.
Employment coaches - Guidance towards volunteering, paid employment and support for finding training.

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