About Unwanted Words: Queer Poetry Nights

Unwanted Words is a platform in Rotterdam for new up & coming queer voices. We organize a monthly series of Queer Poetry Nights to create a safe space for queer expression and encourage all queer voices to take the mic and share their literary work.

Most forms of literary expression are allowed, such as spoken word, poetry, op-eds, drama, performances, as long as the speakers commit to comply with the 10 minute maximum allocated time per person.

Our new home is the Tender Center Rotterdam. Tender Center is a collective of feminist queers who are building the beginnings of a community center for culture; or venue for queer events in Rotterdam.

Every edition we offer 5-6 spots for the line-up. The line-up for each edition is selected on a first-come, first served basis. If the line-up for that edition is complete, we will let you know and you can choose to still perform in the open mic section or to get a spot in our next edition.

After the line-up, we will have some spaces for open mic for writers and performers in the audience who feel inspired to share their work.

It is important to mention that we encourage freedom of speech and all forms of expression are allowed. However, we want to keep a safe space where both the speakers and the audience feel at home and we feel nurtured and safe. So any forms of hate speech or targeted attacks to a community, group or individual are not allowed.