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Bike coach

Vacancy · 1 Apr 2019 – 31 Dec 2019
Stationsstraat 79a, 3811 MH Amersfoort, Nederland
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This is a past deed
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Detailed description

What are you going to do and for whom?

Cycling in the Netherlands is changing. The E-bike is on the rise, speeds are changing and more and more diverse (fast) vehicles appear on the bike path. It is important to keep cycling and maintain mobility. Cycling is healthy and gives freedom.

VVN is looking for people who make seniors aware of safe cycling and how they can keep cycling safely.

In a positive, sociable environment, VVN explains to groups of seniors about the changing cycling environment. What do you encounter, how do you stay vital and how do you stay in control of the traffic situation. These workshops last about 2.5 hours.

For the guidance of these workshops we are looking for volunteers / self-employed people who can supervise these.

You will be working within a team of enthusiastic volunteers at Veilig Verkeer Nederland (VVN). Together we support and motivate the experienced cyclist. We discuss the skills and experiences, besides the fact that cycling is sometimes a bit more difficult. We give tips and advice.

Are you the one who:

- it's important that everyone can stay safe for as long as possible keep cycling

- has affinity with road safety and cycling in particular

- a conversation can lead positively and involve all participants in the conversation

- social skills and used to make all guests feel welcome

What we offer:

You can count on support from Safe Traffic Netherlands. You follow a course in didactics and get an explanation of the ready-made workshop, so that you can get started completely prepared. You will receive materials to give the workshop and a fee. You regularly have contact with VVN professionals in your region. In addition, regular coordination and exchange of experience with fellow volunteers is possible.

Getting there

About Veilig Verkeer Nederland

Veilig Verkeer Nederland is an active association for, by and from road users. Veilig Verkeer Nederland happily praises itself with the efforts of tens of thousands of volunteers, such as traffic brigadiers, VVN Traffic parents, traffic consultants, traffic teachers and many other volunteers. All people who want to make a short or long-term commitment to making the Netherlands traffic safer. They just want everyone back home. Do you want this too? Then check with us what you can do about it.
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