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Volunteer for our beauty salon

Amersfoortsestraatweg 1, 1411 Naarden, Nederland
This deed is expired
SummaryWho doesn't want to be pampered with a mask, beautiful makeup and beautiful nails?
Detailed description

For our beauty salon we are looking for volunteers who like to spoil our residents with a mask or beautiful painted nails. This one on one attention is good for everyone. We have all the materials and the salon, do you have time?

Being able to move, having affinity with the elderly and being patient are the most important skills that we require. You can expect guidance from an activity supervisor and work with a pleasant team and, if desired, more information about common illnesses and travel expenses. Does this sound like something to you? Then contact us soon!

What volunteers needNative language skills
What we will provide to volunteersReimbursement of costsExtra support
Getting there

About Vivium Zorggroep locatie Naarderheem

To offer the best care and support for rehabilitating or demented elderly people, with a multidisciplinary team consisting of care professionals and volunteers
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