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This is a past deed

Think up and execute your own project during Wake up your mind!

One off · 6 Jun
Oude Oeverstraat, 6811 Arnhem, Nederland
This is a past deed
Detailed description

Job description

The new project Wake up your mind! will start in Arnhem on 6 June 2019 respectively. For this we are looking for enthusiastic young people between 18 and 28 to participate in your own project.

The group consists of 20 young status holders and Dutch young people per location. You get the chance to create your own project together. This requires creative input and entrepreneurship. If you do not know enough about this yet, no problem because during the course you will be guided by a young and professional team. Together you will come up with the project and make a plan of action. The next step is the implementation of your projects. What kind of projects can you think of:

  • Organize an event in the neighborhood to introduce the locals to the new residents
  • Film and / or photo projects
  • Create a visual project together for more support
  • Support during office hours for young people at locations or in an AZC
  • Being a language buddy for young asylum seekers who are still in an AZC

We assume that you and other young people come up with innovative ideas for great new projects.

How much time does it cost you?

For each project it costs you about half a day per week. If you want to spend more time on it, you can of course always do that. We understand that you have more time one week than the next. Naturally, we also take exam and exam periods into account.

It will be a super beautiful experience and you will receive from us:

  • A certificate based on your development
  • Expansion on your network
  • Gaining work experience in a social organization
  • Expert guidance by a professional
  • Participation in training courses
  • A pleasant and safe environment
  • Travel or expense allowance and insurance during working hours

During Wake up your mind! get to know ...

  • Project work
  • Usefulness and necessity of good monitoring and evaluation
  • Pitch
  • Collaborate
  • Self-development
  • Different cultures and backgrounds through collaboration with other young people


Sign up for Wake up your mind! can be done via the registration form on the website of VluchtelingenWerk Oost Nederland. For questions about this vacancy send an email to voluntiger-oost@vluchtelingenwerk.nl .

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About VluchtelingenWerk Oost-Nederland

Tijdens Wake up your mind!, het nieuwe jongerenproject van VluchtelingenWerk, ga je samen met andere jongeren (18-28 jaar) projecten bedenken en uitvoeren gedurende een jaar. Denk aan een evenement in de wijk om kennis te maken met de nieuwe bewoners. Of een filmproject om meer draagvlakverbreding te creëren. Ook kunnen er activiteiten of taallessen georganiseerd worden op AZC's.
We gaan ervan uit dat jij samen met de andere jongeren met innovatieve ideeën komt voor mooie nieuwe projecten.
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