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Leading work floor Distribution center

Vacancy · 14 hrs/wk
Keileweg 65a, 3029 Rotterdam, Nederland
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This deed is expired
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SummaryWe are looking for MBO employees with logistical administrative experience who want to take care of the registration of all incoming and outgoing goods.
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Every day, varied quantities of food arrive within the distribution center (DC). This is partly repackaged and then distributed to the distribution points in Rotterdam, to other food banks and also to other Distribution Centers in the Netherlands.

The logistics team plans and - where necessary - takes care of the transport of food to and from the DC. It also coordinates the planning with suppliers and other stakeholders.

Other stakeholders may include:

(a) for outgoing goods flows; the teams that ensure that food is ready for transport on time. VBR Production Team or Bulk Production Team. And the recipients: for example, volunteers at the distribution points.

b) for incoming goods flows. The suppliers and the team that receives the goods at the DC. The food, measures, approves and records in the computer. The Stock Administration.

Finally, logistics employees carry out a visual quality check on all incoming goods flows. Foods visibly rotten, packaging broken or required labeling absent / unreadable? These goods are not loaded in the food bank trucks.

The team consists of logistics employees and truck drivers. The Logistics Manager reports to the Head of DC.

Job description:

  • Provide guidance and guidance to his / her team
  • Assessing and coordinating the range of products.
  • Ensure timely processing of all incoming products.
  • Maintaining relationships with suppliers, managers of other DCs, Food Bank NL.
  • Coordinate the deliveries, pick them up yourself or will it be delivered.
  • Planning of transport and distribution for both bulk and VBR and other DCs.
  • Instruct drivers with regard to deliveries and collection orders.
  • Supervising the implementation of the activities of the Logistics employees.
  • When in doubt about the quality of food, drivers must contact the logistics manager directly by telephone.
  • Comply with food safety regulations such as measuring temperature.
  • Trip administration correct and complete. Vouchers returned on time to Stock Administration
  • Coordinate personnel requirements and planning.
  • Together with management and colleagues, look for improvements and implement them.

If you are interested, we would like to receive your motivation and CV. This can be emailed to

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