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Set up a pleasant language cafe

Event · 2 hrs
Palembangstraat 52, 1094 Amsterdam, Nederland
Managing people
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Detailed description

We are looking for language coaches for a group of newcomers / refugees. They want to work on their Dutch in a relaxed setting.

The language coach will first investigate in a very accessible way at what level he or she is in the Dutch language, this can be done while enjoying a cup of coffee in a conversation about cows and calves. Together you will do research to find out which level fits best with A1, A2 or B1. With regard to the language cafes you can work with a theme or use an object about which you are talking or you can see what lessons this person already has at the official Dutch lesson and work on it. It is therefore very important that you are flexible and work from what the person needs.

Getting there

About Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam

Met keuze uit meer dan 1000 vacatures is er voor iedereen wel iets passends! Vanuit onze vestigingen door heel Amsterdam verbinden we mensen die vrijwilligerswerk willen gaan doen aan Amsterdamse non-profitorganisaties.
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