YFU is looking for host families for foreign students

Vacancy · 14 Aug – 10 Jul
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SummaryGa de uitdaging aan en Make the World your home: word gastgezin van een buitenlandse scholier!
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Do you want to make a difference for students and families who are open to an international adventure, then this challenging volunteer position is interesting for you.

Youth for Understanding (YFU) is a national non-profit volunteer organization that has offered young people the opportunity to go on an exchange for a school year, semester or summer for over 60 years. Every year dozens of foreign students come to the Netherlands. They follow a school year / semester at a regular high school. In this way they get to know a different culture, speak a foreign language and meet new people. The arrival times are August and January.

For these students, YFU is looking for enthusiastic host families who want to set up their house and heart. This way you get the chance to get to know a different culture at their own kitchen table. At the same time, your family is introduced to the culture of your host child; a foreign view allows you to look differently against your own habits and a friendship for life is born that way.

Take on the challenge and Make the World your home: become the host family of a foreign student!

Who are our students?

The students are between 15 and 18 years old and have different cultural backgrounds. A host family chooses which child best suits the family situation based on interests, hobbies and character.

Who are our host families?

Our host families are diverse; we do not exclude anyone from the outset. You are a (one-parent) family (with / without children). You are also interested in other cultures and you can motivate young people.

Special Conditions:

The most important starting points:

• You want to share your life and culture with someone else

• The host child is not a visitor, but participates in daily family life

• We demand accommodation and accommodation from you; the student is responsible for all personal expenses, such as pocket, clothing and school fees

• Where you live or how much space is available is less important. As one of our guest mothers said: if you have space in your heart, you will always find the space in your house!


Support from experienced contacts and volunteers in your area and professional staff from our office.

Training and meetings for both host families and students.

Other details:

There is liability insurance for the students.

Working hours:

Time and attention for a young person at your home.


Give Dutch family traditions to another - and at the same time learn more about another culture? Also helps you for this very special experience ... More information can be found here: https://gastgezin.yfu.nl.

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What we will provide to volunteersExtra support
About YFU Nederland
We offer young people the year of their lives, on exchange from or to one of the> 40 different countries they get to know a new language and culture as a local for a year.
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Signups closing in a year.

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