Dutch language volunteer wanted.

One off · 2–4 hrs
De Lessepsstraat 78, 3553 Utrecht, Nederland
Detailed description

A language group in the Tolsteeg is looking for a volunteer who can teach Dutch to foreigners who would like to learn the language. Experience with a language companion is important. The lessons are given to a small group of students. The Dutch level of the group is between levels A1 and A2. There is an experienced teacher present who helps the real beginners and also offers guidance for the volunteers.

It concerns a small group of students on Friday morning from 9.30 am - 11.30 am.

No lessons are given during school holidays.

Do you have a sense of language, interest in other cultures and do you have 2 hours left on Friday? Sign up quickly!

#taal #nederlands #sociaal #begeleiding #utrechttolsteeg

What volunteers needNative language skills
What we will provide to volunteersExtra support
Getting there

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