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Group teacher at ABC!

One off · 2 hrs
Begijnhof 31, Amsterdam, Nederland
CreativeOrganisingManaging peopleReading & WritingTalking to othersListeningDutch
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Detailed description

As a language companion, you teach a small group of foreign-language women / men once a week. You help them learn the Dutch language better, especially in the field of speaking skills. You

You first follow the basic training and then you will be linked to a group. This group gives you at least 20 lessons of 2 hours each. With the teaching materials from the ABC you will get started to improve your language skills, especially in the area of speaking. You ensure a good and safe atmosphere, which makes them feel at ease. To ensure that these students move on to other activities in the neighborhood, you visit at least two other organizations. This way you ensure a warm transfer when you say goodbye to the students again. You receive proper guidance from your coordinator and you keep her informed of who there are and what you have done. After every 10 lessons you evaluate together as a group and goals are adjusted.

What kind of knowledge or skills are needed?

You are patient and you have interest and respect for other cultures. You enjoy meeting foreign speakers and teaching. You can respond to individual level differences and you are able to create a good group atmosphere. Good command of the Dutch language is important.

What kind of training are you offered?

Basic training and a specific workshop on teaching to a group. This will take place at the beginning of September. For data see our website.

What do you get in return?

At the ABC there is plenty of room to develop yourself. New volunteers follow a basic training (of 2 half-days). You will also receive personal guidance from the coordinator and you can use material from the ABC library. There is the possibility for additional training during meetings of the ABC academy, and there is regular opportunity to meet other volunteers and experiences.

What is the added value of this voluntary work?

It offers the opportunity to get to know women / men with a different cultural background and to build a bond with them. You experience from close by what it is like to integrate into the Netherlands. You gain experience in teaching and dealing with other cultures. It is incredibly rewarding work and also fun to do!

Working hours

You teach a group once a week, at a time that you and the coordinator agree together. The lesson lasts 1.5 to 2 hours and there is also some preparation time and travel time.

Getting there

About Amsterdams Buurvrouwen Contact (ABC)

Stichting Amsterdams Buurvrouwen Contact is een vrijwilligersorganisatie die anderstalige geïsoleerde vrouwen en mannen op weg helpt naar zelfredzaamheid. De vrijwilligers geven taal-aan-huis lessen.
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