This is a past deed

This is a past deed

Atlassian Foundation is organising a fun day in the Artis Zoo for a great group of elderly people from a local retirement home. It's going to be a relaxing day laughing at crazy monkeys and having peeks at the recently born baby elephant. Even though not all elderly can speak English, we will make sure that you are being matched up with a either a Dutchie or a granny that speaks some English.

Costs: We cover the entrance fee and lunch for you!

Time: 10am in front of Artis zoo

Application: Apply with Deedmob and I will send you more info!

See you at the zoo! 🐘

About Atlassian Foundation

We created the Atlassian Foundation with the vision of helping make the world better. As a company, we contribute 1% of annual profits, 1% of employee time, and 1% of company equity to the foundation.