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This is a past deed

Amsterdam Extra Life 2018 - Play Games for Charity!

Vondelpark (the room, not the park ;) AMS 1.1
Singel, Amsterdam, Netherlands

This is a past deed

Every year across the globe, gamers come together for a 24-hour livestream gaming marathon for charity. This event is called Extra Life.

For the 3rd year in a row, Atlassian will be participating! Unfortunately, the official Extra Life event is only open to players in the US, but that won’t stop Amsterdam from participating!

This year the proceeds will be donated to the foundation Jarige Job. You’ll recall this foundation from our past foundation event: Volunteer at the biggest Birthday party: Stichting Jarige Job

A quote from this Foundation:

I was shocked to learn that in the Netherlands tens of thousands of families live below the poverty line and depend on organisations such as Food Bank to survive. When the parents struggle to survive, the kids experience social isolation and miss out on the essential childhood experiences such as birthday celebrations.

The volunteers of Stichting Jarige Job discovered: the kids from the families that rely on Food Bank skip school on their birthdays because they cannot afford to bring a treat to a classroom, show off with a gift from the parents or invite other kids of a celebration. So Stichting Jarige Job packs the birthday packages to make these kids feel confident, and to help these families socialise.

Looking to participate? Fill out the table below so we know how many Atlassians want to participate, and what games they want to play!

Don't play video games? Any type of game is allowed: ping pong, pool, board, card, etc.! Let us know how you'd like to be involved.

Want to help out? We'll need help running the live stream, cameras, physical labor, and coordinating events. 

Do I have to participate for the full 24 hours? Nope! You can just drop in for a quick game or go for as long as you'd like.

Total Minimum Goal: We're looking to raise €1,000. If each person in the Amsterdam office donated as little as €8 we could reach our goal! And don't forget, Atlassian does foundation matching!

About Atlassian Foundation

We created the Atlassian Foundation with the vision of helping make the world better. As a company, we contribute 1% of annual profits, 1% of employee time, and 1% of company equity to the foundation.