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SummarySanquin Blood Bank will be open in the coming weeks! Blood is vital, and so are blood donors. Blood products have a limited shelf life and are badly needed.
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UPDATE 2: Due to an overwhelming number of registrations, it may take longer than usual to plan the intake. It's great to see how many people want to commit to the blood bank to save others. Please still subscribe, but count on a longer deadline. Thank you very much for your help.

UPDATE: Sanquin Blood Bank will be open in the coming weeks! Blood is vital, and so are blood donors. Blood products have a limited shelf life and must be replenished continuously to save lives. We therefore strongly urge donors who have been called up and who are free from complaints to come and give at one of our collection locations next week.

On Sunday 15 March, the government announced far-reaching measures to combat the further spread of the corona virus in the Netherlands. Schools and catering establishments are closing and people are advised to keep a distance from each other. Vital organizations - such as hospitals - remain open, so that the Netherlands can continue to help patients during this difficult time. Blood is a fundamental part of that. View our locations to see where and when you can give blood.

Call to come!

At Sanquin, we take various measures to ensure that blood donation for donors and our staff is as safe as possible. For example, donors who are at real risk of being infected are (temporarily) excluded from donation, we call on people to come only if they have no health problems, and we observe extra hygiene measures. Have you received a call and are you free from complaints? Then you are definitely needed, especially now! We are counting on you.

Corona and precautions

The transmission of the coronavirus mainly occurs through the air and to some extent also through objects that touch more people (such as door handle, metro rod). The first symptoms of infection are: fever and respiratory complaints, such as coughing and shortness of breath. At the bottom of this article you will find links to more information.

Donating blood is safe. We use extra precautions to prevent infections in the blood bank. We do not shake hands, clean work surfaces extra, wash our hands and colleagues with health problems extra often stay at home. We also ask donors to wash their hands before donating and when leaving the center.

When donating blood, donors should be healthy and show no signs of infection or a cold. After a trip outside Europe, a standard 4 week delay applies for blood donation. Because the coronavirus gives symptoms soon after infection, this is a sufficient delay to prevent donors from visiting the Blood Bank during an infectious phase.

Regarding travel within Europe, Sanquin follows the advice of the ECDC (European Center for Disease Prevention and Control) to defer anyone who has traveled in the corona risk area for two weeks for blood donation, regardless of whether or not the donor has health problems. This delay does not apply to plasma donation.

Blood donation and your health

A donation has no negative consequences for your own immune system. Only a small part of the immune cells are included in the donation, they are produced again very quickly.

The measures taken are currently sufficient to prevent donors and employees from lighting each other. There is also no risk for the patient: to date, no corona (or flu) infection has been identified that was caused by a blood transfusion.

Sanquin will of course continue to monitor this situation closely. If necessary, additional measures can be taken.


Below you will find the five most frequently asked questions. If yours is not listed, check the overview .

1. I don't have a calling card, can I still come?

No, not yet. We would love to see you again! Do you want to send us a PB via social media containing your full name, date of birth, postcode and house number? Or call us on 0800-5115. Then we would like to check when you can give blood again, to prevent you from coming to the blood bank for nothing. You can only donate with a valid call card. A call card states a day, from that moment you can use this call card at Sanquin for two weeks.

2. I have not been called up for a long time, can I come now?

No, you can only contact Sanquin with a valid call card. We are happy to check for you when you are called up again. Do you want to send us PB via social media containing your full name, date of birth, zip code and house number? Or call us on 0800-5115.

3. I never heard anything after registering, can I come now?

No, after registration you will first receive a medical examination, then you will receive the invitation for a first donation. We would like to check what is going on in your case. Would you like to send us a social media PB containing your full name, date of birth, zip code and house number? Or contact us on 0800-5115. Then we would like to check why you have not yet received an invitation for an inspection.

4. I give plasma, can I give blood for once?

It is currently not necessary to give blood as a plasma donor. We would like to see you reappear on the agreed date to come and give plasma.

5. Can I also give at a different location?

Yes, you can if you have a valid call card. View all our locations with current opening hours.

Knowing more?

Information about the virus ( and hygiene tips ( : wash your hands regularly, cough and sneeze into the inside of your elbow, use paper tissues.

About Coronahelpers
The Coronavirus outbreak puts many people in difficulty. Those most affected are the sick and at-risk groups, as well as those with vital occupations.

Together we keep our country strong. Offer help in the area by shopping for those who cannot do it, looking after the children of doctors or calling older people who are alone at home.
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