2 sweet boys (7 & 5 years) help spelling & reading

1–2 hrs/wk
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland
TeachingReading & WritingDutch
Foreign aid and disaster reliefOlder peopleCovid relief
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Adam (7) & Iliyas (5) would like to be helped at home with practicing spelling & reading books.

Detailed description

Because the schools were closed due to the corona measures, Adam & Iliyas were unable to practice at school with their spelling & reading. Mother would like to practice with the children, but this is difficult in the field of language because she does not speak Dutch fluently.

It would therefore be great if you are the one who wants to practice reading and spelling with these two sweet boys! So that it will all go a bit easier at school.

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About Coronahelpers

The outbreak of the Coronavirus puts many people in trouble. Those hardest hit are the sick and at-risk groups, as well as people with vital professions.

Together we keep our country strong. Offer help in the neighborhood by running errands for those who cannot do it themselves, babysitting doctors' children, or calling elderly people who are home alone.
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