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Tickets for Lonely Elderly - Utrecht

Utrecht, Utrecht, Nederland
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Hello, would you also like to support lonely elderly people? Write or make one or more cards for lonely elderly people in care homes.

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Many elderly people in care homes miss contact with family or friends. How can we put a smile on these elderly people?

Write or make one or more cards for the elderly. Address with 'dear sir / madam / elder'. If you want to leave your address at the bottom of the card, that is also welcome. This allows the older person to write back if he or she wishes, and if he or she is able. Please note: many elderly people are no longer able to write back, but love to receive cards. So release!

Register now!! Then we deliver cards together within Utrecht.

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About Coronahelpers

The outbreak of the Coronavirus puts many people in trouble. Those hardest hit are the sick and at-risk groups, as well as people with vital professions.

Together we keep our country strong. Offer help in the neighborhood by running errands for those who cannot do it themselves, babysitting doctors' children, or calling elderly people who are home alone.
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