Wanted; people who want to walk four dogs

1–4 hrs/wk
Delft, Zuid-Holland, Nederland
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A single lady who has been incapacitated for work for years enjoys her four dogs a lot. Her only healthy arm is causing more and more complaints.

Detailed description

As a result, she is less and less able to walk her dogs herself. We already have a few girls who can walk the dogs a few days a week. Now we are looking for a few people who want to help once or a few times a week to walk the dogs at the beginning of the afternoon, so that we can make a schedule for the seven days. Mrs. lives on the south side of Delft and the park / polder is nearby.


Arend Smit

Project coordinator of the Present Delft foundation

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About Coronahelpers

The outbreak of the Coronavirus puts many people in trouble. Those hardest hit are the sick and at-risk groups, as well as people with vital professions.

Together we keep our country strong. Offer help in the neighborhood by running errands for those who cannot do it themselves, babysitting doctors' children, or calling elderly people who are home alone.
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