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Buddy for streetwise youngsters

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Amsterdam, Nederland
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This deed is expired
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Detailed description

Do you like being socially involved? Would you like to undertake fun activities with a younger or younger mother? Then a buddy project at Don Bosco Street Vision is for you!

We are looking for volunteers between the ages of 17 and 27 who want to become a companion of a (former) roof or homeless youth from Amsterdam.

What kind of buddies are there?

  • Sport - have fun together in the gym, go kickboxing or swim
  • Fun - go to a festival, theater or picnic together in the park
  • Training - develop a workshop, training or activity together with a young person
  • Doing odd jobs - help young people with moving house or a tax return

As a couple you get a budget for a period of at least six months to meet each other on a weekly basis and to do something. After six months you can extend the buddy program for a maximum of one more year.

Website: Don Bosco Street Vision

Facebook: Don Bosco Street Vision

Getting there

About Don Bosco Straatvisie

Wij zijn een vrijwilligersorganisatie vóór en dóór jongeren tussen de 17-27 jaar. Doelstelling is de maatschappelijke participatie van dak- en thuisloze jongeren en (alleenstaande) jonge moeders en vaders te bevorderen, en hun sociaal netwerk te versterken. Om hen op een speelse positieve manier te verbinden met zichzelf, met leeftijdgenoten en hun omgeving.
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