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One off · Anytime
Helper Oostsingel, Groningen, Nederland
DIY / Odd Jobs
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Detailed description

As a clothing sorter, you work behind the scenes and make sure that the most beautiful clothing is hanging in our store and shops.

The work consists of coarse and fine sorting of clothes and prices.


Interested in clothing, enthusiasm and a collegial attitude are the characteristics we are looking for. Do you have any knowledge of fabrics and fashion, then you're on the sorting department is all right.

Getting there

About Goededoelenkringloop MAMAMINI

Goed voor Groningen
Mamamini is de Goededoelenkringloop van Groningen. Met de verkoop van gebruikte spullen zamelen we geld in voor Groningse goede doelen. Maar we werken ook voor onze eigen goede doelen: Milieu, Minima en Meedoen.
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