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One off · Starting from 23 Jan 2018
Joseph Haydnlaan 67-71, Utrecht, Netherlands
This is a past volunteering opportunity.
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The Netherlands Through its activities, texts, images and photography, the Netherlands Philantropy wants to evoke the atmosphere of a vital philanthropic sector working on a healthy philanthropic climate. Here we understand that the private initiative, people and organizations that are committed to social projects receive support and ask for support as a positive experience.

Within the Netherlands Philanthropy, people can exchange their knowledge and experiences and understand each other with the aim of promoting philanthropic practice in the Netherlands. We do all that in a positive atmosphere and in a socially responsible manner. The images that we use to support the activities and the stories always bear witness to that positive atmosphere. With the images we refer to Dutch pride and to what the Dutch have built together in centuries of increasing civilization. We refer to the heritage that has been built up in great solidarity thanks to the generosity, the entrepreneurial spirit and the constant urge to innovate, think of the rich Dutch culture, museums, art collections, well-being, nature, faith, sport, assistance and shelter. We would never have been able to build this without philanthropy. We will never be able to maintain or expand this without philanthropy.

In practical terms, this means that we want to have royalty-free or free-to-use visual material that shows that heritage to illustration. Think of images from museums Rijksmuseum), Dutch sporting events (skating, bouncing), welfare projects (sunflower, Salvation Army), nature conservation (natural monuments), science (VU), art collections (Kroller muller), healthcare (Cancer care), etc. We want images with a positive charge that illustrate progress and improvement. No grief, pain, suffering or setback. We are guided by the image of hope and progress.

There, too, stereotypical images of Dutch perseverance, progress and prosperity are added. Things that make us all happy and we derive our identity from it. Think of the dikes, the architecture, landscape, the ports, the inland shipping, the medal harvest of athletes, etc.

The images can be found on the internet (category free use), with affiliated charity organizations and self-shot.

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About Nederland Filantropieland
Wij willen graag dat iedereen die actief is binnen de Filantropie gemakkelijk kennis betrekt, nuttige contacten legt en bijdraagt aan een gezond filantropieklimaat.
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This is a past volunteering opportunity.
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