Talk and cook with the elderly!

One off · Starting from 26 Mar 2019
Czaar Peterstraat 12, Amsterdam, Nederland
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This is a past volunteering opportunity.
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The aim of Oma's Soep is to bring social interaction and structure back into their lives for the elderly throughout Amsterdam. Fun, cosiness, humor and quality are our main ingredients for a delicious soup.

With an enthusiastic group of volunteers and grandmothers and grandfathers we make the most delicious soups in the daily kitchens of healthcare institutions and community centers throughout Amsterdam. We get the vegetables we use in our soups from local supermarkets, because otherwise they would throw them away. So we also fight food wastage alongside loneliness!

Do you like cutting onions until you weigh an ounce and have a nice chat with the nicest elderly people of Amsterdam?

Let us know soon, and we'll look together when you can come and help!

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About Oma's Soep
With Grandma's Soup (lonely) elderly people are brought together by having them make soups together and with young people and then eat them. Here the elderly get to know new people, they can learn from each other and they share a common passion: making delicious soup. Oma's Soep is active in various parts of Amsterdam, where the elderly both make soup to eat together and the elderly make extra soups with us to then sell to the Amsterdam business community. In addition, all vegetables are supplied by greengrocers and organic supermarkets, who donate their unsold products to this social initiative.

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This is a past volunteering opportunity.
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