About Rainbow House

Rainbow House is a drop in centre in Oxford for children aged 0 - 5 and their carers/parents. Our guests are from all walks of life in the Oxford area and no entrance fee is charged as we try to be inclusive to all. We provide a warm welcome, healthy food and snacks and a large room for play.
We are run by volunteers and have, we think, created a welcoming place for families and volunteers alike. Rainbow House is open on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday each week during term-time from 10.30 until 2. We are based at the Wesley Memorial Church and although fully supported by the church, we are wholly independent of the church.

Our volunteers are from all walks of life and make a wonderful team. We have help from retired professionals such as teachers or doctors, people looking for work experience, those wanting to give to society, some are from drug and alcohol rehabilitation centres and others are new to Oxford and want to meet people and help people. To all our volunteers we provide a sense of belonging. All work hard irrespective of ability and any help is welcome.