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Provincie Noord-Brabant, Netherlands
This volunteering opportunity is expired
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Voluntary information officer Humanitarian War Law

The Red Cross helps people in need. Around the corner - and far away. Worldwide, millions of people experience the consequences of war every day. The Humanitarian War Law offers citizens, medical workers and prisoners of war protection. The Humanitarian Law of War and the Red Cross are inextricably linked. The shared value: human dignity.

What are you going to do?

The Brabants HOR team is making a lot of progress. The voluntary advisers are committed to the dissemination of knowledge about Humanitarian War Law (HOR) in the Netherlands. Due to the success of previous information, there is increasing demand among other schools and other diverse organizations. That is why we are extending the team with HOR-educators to:

give HOR-briefings and disseminate the Red Cross principles;

· to be kept informed of developments in the field of Humanitarian law by reading the HOR-newsletter and attending national annual theme days;

· to contribute to the promotion of HOR-information sessions;

· Working in teams within the Brabant HOR team ;

· Attend team meetings for exchange and knowledge widening


Who we are

We are expanding the team in Brabant with voluntary HOR-educators to:

· To have knowledge or affinity with Humanitarian Law and the Red Cross;

& Nbsp; About redeeming feature communication skills and like to stand for a group;

· Possess basic computer use, including PowerPoint;

· give at least four data information and himself committed at least one year;

· & nbsp ; live in Brabant and be willing to travel within the province for briefings;

· especially during the week are available in the mornings;

· be part of the two-day HOR-introduction course at 3 and March 4, 2018 in Brooklyn.

Getting there
About Rode Kruis Midden- & West-Brabant
In Nederland helpen we met noodhulp, evenementenhulp, voorlichting, sociale hulp, EHBO en zetten we acties op. Het Rode Kruis helpt altijd, iedereen en overal om menselijk leed te helpen voorkomen of te verzachten. Ook bij jou in de straat. Help ons helpen en word vrijwilliger!
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This volunteering opportunity is expired
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