SAFE! supports young people aged 8 to 25 years old in Oxfordshire who have been harmed by crime and bullying. SAFE! works to help these young people recover their confidence and sense of safety as they typically feel unsafe in their key environments; their school, town and neighbourhood. Some have become virtual prisoners in their homes.

Without timely support, their experience can lead to further problems including absence from school or work, and post-traumatic stress. SAFE! provides individually-tailored support to help young people cope with their feelings without responding physically or internalising; develop strategies to report incidents; and realise it is not their fault if they have been victimised. Research also indicates that an experience of victimisation can lead to offending behaviour later on. SAFE! works to break this cycle by promoting long-term resilience and coping skills at a crucial time of young peoples' development. This diminishes their risk of social exclusion, helps to repair their lives and build their potential.