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Charlois, Rotterdam, Nederland
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Detailed description

The De Katrol Foundation is looking for volunteers who want to provide learning support in children at home. We aim for more equal educational opportunities for children and you can help with that!

As a volunteer you will be linked to a family from Rotterdam Charlois, of which at least one child is in group 3 or 4 of the primary school. You will practice with the material from school and work on strengthening the learning culture. The learning support is given twice a week, an hour at the family home after school. Brothers, sisters and parents are involved as much as possible, so that after about 20 weeks the family can continue to learn independently. You will get weekly support a professional from Pulley

As a volunteer you will:

  • - prevent / reduce learning disadvantages;.
  • - enhance learning fun;
  • - reinforce learning culture;
  • - increase self-reliance;
  • - contribute to equality opportunities for children!

Duration: 20 weeks

Time: 4 hours per week

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If you are interested or want more information, please contact us!

Getting there

About stichting De Katrol

Kansen vergroten voor kinderen door de (educatieve) ontwikkeling centraal te stellen binnen het gezin. Samen met studenten, vrijwilligers & ouders het verschil maken, op de plek die ertoe doet, thuis.
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