This is a past deed

TEDxAmsterdamED Award Organizer

This is a past deed

TEDxAmsterdamED is looking for an Award Organizer

Leading up to our 2019 event, we are proud to announce our fourth annual TEDxAmsterdamED Award. The Award is an annual competition which acts as a platform to help accelerate the potential impact of outstanding early-stage ideas. We believe such ideas can change lives and ultimately the world. This could be an opportunity for initiatives, changemakers or organisations that are inspiring education and wish to share their innovative solutions, potentially from other industries, with the world. Three ideas will get the opportunity to pitch at TEDxAmsterdamED 2019, and one of them will win the TEDxAmsterdamED Award.


We are looking for Awards Team member(s) to help organise the TEDxAmsterdamED Award 2018!


We are looking for one or two people who want to tackle the daily operations of the TEDxAmsterdamED Award. People who enjoy working on the event production, recruitment and selection, marketing/online communication, and assisting with the whole process around the Award participants.


What is expected of you?

  • May-August:1-4 hours a week.
  • August-October: 4-8 hours a week.

During the first months you (and we) will be setting out the Award contest, planning the process, creating a small marketing plan, etc. Once participants submit their ideas, we screen these ideas, make a pre-election and organize the TED-talk bootcamp for the 10 best ideas (September-October)


What's in it for you?


You get to work with inspired people and help spread ideas that have a positive effect on society and our educational system. You get the chance to co-create a TEDx event within a larger team. You can broaden your network. And of course, you will also attend our amazing main event in October.


 Are you interested? Reach out to us and let's meet.

About TEDxAmsterdamED

Our long-term wish is to play a key role in giving visibility to all the small and impactful changes that are happening in education in the Netherlands (and abroad) already. Every day, everywhere. We aim to inspire the established education systems to function in such a way that students, young and old, are motivated to learn and bring out the best in themselves.