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Language coach in Raalte

One off · Anytime
Raalte, Overijssel, Nederland
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Is language really your thing? Do you have limited time, but would you still like to work for refugees? Are you curious and would you like to become acquainted with a different culture? Become a language coach!

As a language coach, we link you to a refugee. We do this based on both of your preferences. You will work together about two hours a week to practice the Dutch language in a practical way. This can be at home, in the library, but also in a store while shopping. This not only improves Dutch, but also increases self-reliance. Do you find it a challenge to tackle this in a creative way? Then this is really for you!

You can find more information on our vacancy page .

Getting therePassage 12 8102 EW Raalte

About VluchtelingenWerk Nederland

VluchtelingenWerk Nederland is er voor vluchtelingen van Welkom tot Werk. Op het moment dat vluchtelingen op een AZC zitten, zijn onze vrijwilligers er voor ze. Ook als ze daarna hun plek vinden in de gemeente, de taal leren, integreren en werk zoeken, staan wij naast de vluchteling.
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