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This deed is expired
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Group Supervisor Regional Distribution Center

Vacancy · Anytime
Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Nederland
DIY / Odd Jobs
LeadershipTeamworkManaging peopleOrganisingTalking to othersListeningNegotiating
This deed is expired
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Detailed description

The assisting foreman carries out logistical work at the large regional distribution center of the Food Bank as refugee worker group supervisor, together with refugees. Managing refugees in the workplace. That means being present at 9 am and receiving refugees. Drinking coffee together and going to the workplace where work consultation takes place first. Keeping the attendance list. Give direction to the group. Consult with other foremen and build bridges between people. Performing logistical work together with refugees. A total of 15 participants are already working, spread over three days of the week. Food from the distribution center to 25 regional and Amsterdam dispensing points are usually prepared in bulk, on pallets, for shipment. In total around 70 volunteers are active at this location. The refugees usually still go to the integration course. In addition, working 1 or 2 days as a volunteer speeds up the integration of this group. Working together with the refugees in the workplace appears to work particularly well and that is why we are now looking for two group supervisors to further expand this project. The refugees are generally only briefly in Amsterdam and usually speak little Dutch.

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