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Event · 25 Mar 2017, 19:00
Nieuwmarkt, Amsterdam, Netherlands
This is a past volunteering opportunity.15 spots left.
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Detailed description
Come as a volunteer for Earth Hour at the Nieuwmarkt and make the world greener together! Earth Hour: one hour of light for the earth What is Earth Hour? Every year at the end of March Earth Hour is the moment when you show that you think the earth is important. By lighting up for an hour, millions of people, businesses and municipalities worldwide at the same time signal that they are worried about the future of our planet. And especially about the role of climate change as one of the biggest threats to our nature. WWF and Earth Hour Earth Hour is the largest international campaign of the World Wildlife Fund for our planet. Our way of life has a major impact on nature: large-scale deforestation and our energy consumption have a negative impact on the climate. Because the earth warms up, living areas of animals are affected. This is how the North Pole melts and coral reefs lose their color. How can we reduce our impact? It sometimes seems difficult to reduce our impact, but it is possible. We have to switch widely to energy from renewable sources such as sun and wind. In addition, deforestation must be tackled. A lot of CO2 is stored in trees, which is released when forest is cut or burned. Responsible forest management is one of the solutions that WWF fights for. Together we pass on the earth And .. it starts with us. If we are all aware of this, we will pass the earth together! The more participants during Earth Hour, the stronger the signal and the awareness that we have to be economical on our planet.
Getting there
About Wereld Natuur Fonds (WNF)
Het Wereld Natuur Fonds werkt wereldwijd aan de bescherming van bedreigde dieren en hun leefomgeving. We pakken de bedreigingen aan zoals overbevissing, ontbossing, verdroging, klimaatverandering en wildlife crime. Waar mogelijk herstellen we gebieden en geven we de natuur de kans om terug te komen. Ook werken we aan oplossingen voor een verantwoord en duurzaam gebruik van de natuurlijke hulpbronnen die de aarde ons geeft. Dat doen we met de lokale bevolking, overheden en bedrijven. En met de steun van duizenden vrijwilligers en ruim 800.000 donateurs en jeugdleden, alleen al in Nederland. Zo bouwen we samen aan een leefbare toekomst voor mens en natuur.
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This is a past volunteering opportunity.15 spots left.
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