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Award Winning Volunteering Technology: Our Solutions

Our technology helps your organisation activate, manage and measure the impact of your volunteering communities via your own styled Deedmob platform

Volunteer centers

Many volunteer centers around the world use a Deedmob platform. PEP The Hague, the biggest volunteer center in The Netherlands, connects volunteers in The Hague to charities, social organisations and much more! Curious to find out what Deedmob can do for your volunteer center? Click on the button below!


With the power of Deedmob Tools, Red Bull makes a corporate volunteering impact that is measured against the SDGs. Using Deedmob Tools enables them to activate their employees to do good! The button below shows Deedmob's solutions for corporates

Public-Private Partnerships

Business Involved is a Public-Private Partnership between the city of Amsterdam, the volunteer center of Amsterdam and Deedmob to connect corporates to the social organisations in the city. Find out more about Deedmob's solutions for public-private partnerships via the button below.

Government & Emergency response

Coronahelpers has been the biggest emergency response platform in Europe in helping to mitigate the effects of Covid-19 on society by mobilizing over 35.000 volunteers. Do you want to know what Deedmob can do for your government or an emergency response? Click the button below for more information!


Education organisation Music Moves trains music lovers on a large scale to become social entrepreneurs in the music industry, partnering with huge partners such as the Amsterdam Dance Event. Music Moves uses their styled Deedmob platform to make extra impact. Want to learn more?


KidsRights is a Dutch children's rights organisation. The foundation gives out the International Children's Peace Prize every year. The foundation uses Deedmob's technology to coordinate and inform its volunteers worldwide. Want to learn more about our charity volunteering tools?

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