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Since our creation in 2016, the Deedmob family has spread well and far beyond the Oxford dorms. Now residing in our bright office in the heart of Amsterdam-Oost, our full-timers and interns are working hard to organise the world's good Deeds.

We're always looking to meet cool people. Looking to join our team or just want to say hi?

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Full-time Team

Boudewijn Wijnands, CEO & Founder

Boudewijn studied at the University of Oxford, Bocconi in Milan and University of Amsterdam. Boudewijn did traineeships at Credit Suisse, ABN AMRO and Laaken Asset Management. He gained public sector experience through positions at the United Nations in Ethiopia, the Dutch Embassy in Ghana and the European Commission as Blue Book trainee. Driven to find solutions to societies’ challenges, Boudewijn now tries to combine the best of both worlds to achieve maximal social impact. Next to pursuing a high-impact career through starting Deedmob, Boudewijn volunteers for a range of organisations helping the disabled, elderly, homeless, and disadvantaged. Additionally, he cares about tackling climate change and engages himself to preserve nature by helping the WWF.

David Furlong, CTO & Founder

David holds a degree in Computer Science and Philosophy from the University of Oxford. He’s been programming since he was 15, has won multiple international hackathons, started two software companies while at university and is an open source enthusiast. David is an effective altruist and is trying to do the most good he can in his career, which includes donating part of his income to effective charities and trying to create direct impact in his work. He spends his Sundays as coding teacher for refugees at HackYourFuture in Amsterdam.

Hendrik-Jan Overmeer, Strategic Communications & Public Affairs, Founding Team Member

Hendrik-Jan has a wide range of experience. He holds degrees in Communication, Commercial Economics and IT from the University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam University of Applied Science and ROC ICT Academy. Hendrik-Jan completed internships at ABN AMRO Bank and IBM. He worked at PR/PA agency Burson-Marsteller and at the Dutch Federation of Financial Planning in public affairs. The causes Hendrik-Jan cares about are poverty and engaging young people with politics. He founded a charity which funds the construction of wells in Africa, runs free lectures about politics for children and students, and has founded an organisation which engages young people with their local politicians.

Tycho Onnasch, COO & Founding Team Member

Tycho studied History and Politics at Oxford University. Next to his academic commitments, he served on the Standing Committee (Governing Body) of the Oxford Union. Additionally, he has worked as a Parliamentary Assistant in the House of Commons, as a Strategy Consultant at the Oxford Strategy Group. Tycho cares a lot about education. His favourite volunteering activity is to help underprivileged children to apply to top Universities.

Gerbrand Holland, Partnership Manager

Gerbrand is the most studious member of the Deedmob team. After growing up on a farm in the east of the Netherlands, he studied Medicine, Economics, and is now pursuing a degree in Political Science. With this unique background Gerbrand brings a variety of different perspectives to the table when helping our partners achieve their social impact goals - whether they are local governments, large corporates, or social organisations.

Tycho Kaster, Software Engineer

Ty has been programming since he was only 10 years old. Being an avid fan of gaming and the communities around it, he worked on his first project modding for an open-source game, which he later on contributed to. He also developed a gaming community site.

Ian Serpa, Software Engineer

Brazillian, Italian, husband, father and developer. Not necessarily in that order. Moved all the way from Brazil with his wife and daughter to work at Deedmob. Always liked messing with computers and games as a kid. Today loves to experiment with new tech and to create awesome products with it.

Advisory Board

Helping us shape the future of volunteering

Mark Aink (NATIVE Circles)Mark is a legend in the world of advertising. Mark now leads NATIVE circles, a creative accelerator for conscious brands. His client responsibility includes Apple, Ben&Jerry's, Audi, Microsoft and more. Mark is also a Lead Insurgent for COMMON Europe, Member of the Advisory Board Of B-Corp Europe and is a Climate Leader for the Climate Reality Project. Mark wants to help Deedmob to become the biggest force for doing good in the world.
Jeroo BillimoriaJeroo is pioneering social entrepreneur and founder of several award-winning international NGOs. She currently serves as the founder and managing director of Child and Youth Finance International which engaged stakeholders in 124 countries and helped over 36 million children. Jeroo is committed to share her experience to inspire a new generation of social entrepreneurs.
Alexander Rinnooy KanAlexander is member of the Dutch Senate, Professor of Economics and Business Studies at the University of Amsterdam and former President of the Dutch employers federation VNO-NCW. In 2007, 2008 and 2009 he was named the most influential person in the Netherlands by de Volkskrant.

He believes that technology will empower volunteers to do more good.
Marieke Becking (UNICEF)Marieke has broad experience in the Dutch charity sector. Before she became Manager of UNICEF’s volunteers, Marieke worked at the Zonnebloem, Dierenbescherming and the Hartstichting. She holds a degree from Nyenrode Business University and is committed to help shape the future of volunteering.
Madelon Groenenberg (WWF)Madelon has been leading the Volunteer Department at WWF in the Netherlands for over 15 years. She has studied Economic Linguistics and holds a degree in Leisure Studies from Tilburg University. Madelon recognises that a lot of things are changing in the volunteering sector and she is convinced that technology can provide the answer to the challenges she is facing.


Iris Bakker, Ambassador Amsterdam
Emma Broholm, Ambassador Amsterdam
Julius Wijnands, Ambassador Groningen
Caroline van Weede, Ambassador Utrecht
Jessica de Jong, Ambassador Rotterdam
Josephine Strijker, Ambassador Amsterdam
Annelieke van den Berg, Ambassador Leiden
Bastiaan Van Schaik, Ambassador Leiden
Jay Alberts, Ambassador Leiden
Coen de Vos, Ambassador Leiden
Simona Everts, Ambassador Oxford
Maike de Leeuw, Ambassador Wageningen
Lex Koster, Ambassador Utrecht
Hero Hovinga, Ambassador Beijing
Alia Alzubair, Ambassador NYC
Abla Rtabi, Ambassador NYC
Sarah Ho, Ambassador London
Amara Ndukwe, Ambassador NYC
Benjamin Walker, Ambassador Oxford
Jochem Koers, Ambassador Leiden
Catharina Alting von Geusau, Ambassador Utrecht
John-Luca de Vries, Ambassador Amsterdam
Serena Chiang, Ambassador London
Livia Oetiker, Ambassador Los Angeles
Salomé Vergne, Ambassador Los Angeles
Leilani Dulguerov, Ambassador LA

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