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Our Solutions for Volunteer Centers

Deedmob as partner to modernize volunteering

Join our innovative partners in increasing civil participation, such as ...

A tailor-made platform with your own local branding

Deedmob's solution for volunteer centers offers:

✔ Customizable Website

✔ Local Branding

✔ Integrated Web Application

✔ Vacancy Bank

✔ Volunteer Pool

✔ Content Management System (CMS)

✔ Training Module

✔ Data Suite

✔ Extensive data exports in Excel and PDF

✔ ...and much more!

An all in one solution

A Deedmob platform offers volunteer centers numerous types of activities:

✔ Vacancies

✔ Workshops

✔ One-on-One Volunteering

✔ Community Events

✔ Customizable Opportunities

A huge boost in engagement

Platform users also rate Deedmob highly on:

✔ User-friendly features

✔ Web responsive app

✔ Digital accessibility

✔ Access to large Deedmob network

Impact boost by Sustainable Development Goals reporting

Deedmob pioneers SDG reporting and analytics via:

✔ Innovative SDG analytics based on machine learning models

✔ Cooperation with the Dutch Statistics Agency

✔ Reporting on SDG level

✔ Stimulating Sustainability amongst partners

Impact Examples From Our Partners

PEP The Hague

PEP The Hague is the biggest volunteering centre in The Netherlands. Offering a wide range of activities, e-learning modules, and workshops. By using three different platforms with a shared database, PEP is able to target the platforms at different groups and activities, while being able to coordinate the platforms from one central hub. With several thousand volunteers ready to go, PEP reaps all the benefits from its Deedmob platforms!

Spark Somerset

The County of Somerset is the maiden county in the UK to use a Deedmob platform. After finding over 1500 volunteers during the Covid-19 crisis, and running a successful vaccination campaign via the platform, Spark Somerset keeps on innovating. Right now, Spark has an Open Mental Health project in which it aims to help volunteers connect with their local communities, meet new people, learn new skills, and put their life experience & knowledge to good use.

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