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Volunteer Opportunities in 's-hertogenbosch

Vacancy · Anytime
DreamchaserDreamchasers together organize a dream day for a child with trauma.Posted by Stichting Dream4Kids
Vacancy · 1 Aug – 1 Jul
Performer Actress InTheater Music Production looking for enthusiastic performer (f) (Planning in consultation)Posted by Tourplanners Foundation
Vacancy · 14 Aug – 10 Jul
YFU is looking for host families for foreign studentsGa de uitdaging aan en Make the World your home: word gastgezin van een buitenlandse scholier!Posted by YFU Nederland
One off · Anytime
Respondents wanted: graduation research Corona Help, Utrecht UniversityResearch help and connection: I am looking for people who have given / received help, who I can interview about this by telephone (and anonymously) for 1 hour.Posted by Coronahelpers
Vacancy · 1–5 hrs/wk · 2 Mar 2020 – 1 Mar 2021
PLAYmaker in your area!Are you bursting with energy and ideas? Do you have a large network in the region? Do you dare to ask? And do you still have some playing time in your agenda? Become a PLAYmaker!Posted by Right To Play
One off · Anytime
Job Interview practiceHelp our students in their employability journey by practicing a job interview with them Posted by TechGrounds
One off · Anytime
Technical job interview practice - AWS Cloud EngineerHelp our students in their employability journey by practicing a technical job interview with them Posted by TechGrounds
One off · Anytime
Share your working experienceGive a presentation to the students about how working at your company, at your IT department looks like. Posted by TechGrounds
Workshop · 6 Jul, 09:00 - 10:00
Technical Interview preparation - AWS Cloud Engineer Help our students prepare for their job interviews by giving a workshop on how to prepare for a technical interview!
Posted by TechGrounds
One off · Anytime
Let us know how you can help!Don't see any workshops that fits your expertise, but still willing to help? Send us a message with your idea for a workshop. We are always open to new ideas!Posted by TechGrounds
Workshop · 16 Jun, 10:00 - 12:00
Introduction to SRE/ DevOpsGive the students a workshop about an introduction to SRE and Devops. The principles of SRE and DevOps and the advantages of are of these principles Posted by TechGrounds
Workshop · 17 Jun, 10:00 - 12:00
Elastic BeanstalkGive the students a workshop about the fundamentals of using Elastic Beanstalk!Posted by TechGrounds
Workshop · 22 Jun, 10:00 - 12:00
Provisioning infrastructure CloudFormationTeach the students the hardskills about how to build an infrastructure using code and how to automate infrastructure deployment?Posted by TechGrounds
One off · Anytime
IT Lead developer coachHelp our junior developing team with their projects by coaching them 1 or 2 hours a week for a fixed period of time. Posted by TechGrounds
One off · Anytime
Dreamchaser 's Hertogenbosch and surroundingsDreamchasers together organize a dream day for a child with trauma.Posted by Stichting Dream4Kids
One off · Anytime
helpweie can help mePosted by Coronahelpers
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Organizations looking for volunteers in 's-hertogenbosch

Playful Arts

Wij zijn Playful Arts Festival, een tweejaarlijks festival dat speelse kunst en...

Stichting Leergeld 's-Hertogenbosch

Stichting Leergeld‘s-Hertogenbosch wil dat ook arme kinderen kunnen deelnemen...

Welzijn Divers

Welzijn Divers biedt advies, ondersteuning en faciliteiten aan bewoners die...

Van Neynsel

Ieder mens is uniek, met eigen wensen en behoeften. Bij ouderenzorgorganisatie...

Stichting Dream4Kids

Dream4Kids organizes dream days for children between 6 and 12 years old who...

Rode Kruis Midden- & West-Brabant

In Nederland helpen we met noodhulp, evenementenhulp, voorlichting, sociale...

Petje af Oisterwijk

Off to Petje we receive curious children between 10-14 years old who discover...


We are going to help young and old in the municipality of Bernheze


​​​​​BrabantZorg staat voor zorg met aandacht. Aandacht voor mensen, voor ons...

Rode Kruis Studentendesk Tilburg

De Studentendesk Tilburg is een jonge en dynamische organisatie en organiseert...

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