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Alphen Aan Den Rijn, Netherlands

Volunteer Opportunities in Alphen Aan Den Rijn

Event · 4 Mar, 2:00 PM - 4:00 PM
The Hague
Volunteer Gouwe Ouwe The Hague March 4Handing out snacks, taking polaroid photos or taking a dance with an older person; are you coming to help with Gouwe Ouwe in Leilinde (The Hague)?Posted by Stichting De Tijdmachine
Vacancy · 1–2 hrs/wk
Den Haag
BuddyDo you have a heart for lonely elderly people and do you feel passionate about doing something about it? With weekly visits you are meaningful and you build a valuable relationship.Posted by Cardia Landscheiding
Event · 2–4 hrs
Den Haag
Kitchen assistantOur chef can use extra help every day to prepare a tasty and pleasant meal. Do you like to gain experience in the kitchen? Welcome!Posted by Cardia Landscheiding
Vacancy · 2–4 hrs/wk
Den Haag
Life book writerAre you a good listener and do you like a nice conversation? Then writing a life book fits you perfectly!Posted by Cardia Landscheiding
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Organizations looking for volunteers in Alphen Aan Den Rijn

Alrijne verpleeghuis Oudshoorn

Nursing home Oudshoorn offers high-quality care in the field of long-term stay...


Wij versterken bewoners bij belangrijke levensgebeurtenissen, ondersteunen hen...

Vereniging Vrienden van Archeon (museumpark)

In Archeon is veel te doen en het programma in het park wordt seizoen 2017...

Wijzelf Zorgcoöperatie Zoetermeer

Hulp. Zorg. Persoonlijke aandacht. Dat regelen we gewoon zelf! Langer...

Stichting SAVIE

Foundation "SAVIE" (Students Abroad Volunteering In Eastern Europe, formerly...

Plastic Soup Surfer

The Plastic Soup Surfer fights plastic pollution using a surfboard as a weapon...

Plastic Soup Surfer

The Plastic Soup Surfer fights plastic pollution using a surfboard as a weapon...

Stichting JES Rijnland

JES works from the conviction that children and young people have equal rights...

Zorgboerderij "De Boerderijn"

Plezier, ontspanning en vooral je zelf mogen zijn, staan op de eerste plaats en...

Stichting Wij Helpen Daar

Stichting ‘Wij Helpen Daar’ is een door studenten opgerichte organisatie, die...

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