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Den Haag, Netherlands

Volunteer Opportunities in The Hague

Den Haag
MAEX is looking for help with using Tableau
We are looking for someone skilled in Tableau. We use Tableau for our data. We are not yet getting the most out of that.Posted by MAEX
3 hrs/wk · 24 Mar 2021 – 24 Mar 2025
Activiteiten begeleider
Posted by TeamUp
Event · Anytime
Den Haag
Help ons met bedankjes!
Femmes voor Freedom wilt graag iedereen bedanken die zich inzet voor ons doel. Help ons met het samenstellen van bedankjes naar onze supporters. Posted by Femmes For Freedom
3 hrs/wk · Starting from 1 Jan 2019
Activiteiten begeleider
Posted by TeamUp
1–2 hrs/wk
Den Haag
Do you have a heart for lonely elderly people and do you feel passionate about doing something about it? With weekly visits you are meaningful and you build a valuable relationship.Posted by Cardia Landscheiding
One day · 1 Jan 2019 – 31 Dec 2031
Holiday guidance wanted!
Posted by Stichting Dolfijn Vakanties
1–4 hrs/wk
Wanted; people who want to walk four dogs
A single lady who has been incapacitated for work for years enjoys her four dogs a lot. Her only healthy arm is causing more and more complaints.Posted by Coronahelpers
4–8 hrs/wk · Starting from 13 Oct 2021
Studiezaalbegeleiders voor studenten met autisme gezocht!
Villa Abel is looking for enthusiastic counselors who want to support students with Autism in study-related activities.
Posted by Villa Abel
One day · 0–2 hrs
Veiligheids rek plaatsen
Ik heb een zoon van 2 jaar en wil graag een veiligheidsrek plaatsen voor zijn veiligheid. Ben alleenstaande moeder namelijk en heb niemand die kan helpen.Posted by Coronahelpers
2–4 hrs/wk
We help people who have financial problems. Will you help?
The Home Administration volunteer at Humanitas helps people who have financial problems. You are a buddy / buddy to get the administration in order.Posted by Humanitas Leiden
One day · Anytime
Yes I need help!
Need help because you work in a vital profession? Or can you use help with groceries because you belong to a risk group? Let us know!Posted by Coronasupport Noordwijk
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Organisations looking for volunteers in The Hague

Samen Hier

Samen Hier connects (friends) groups of five Dutch people to an individual ...

Wool for Warmth

Wool for Warmth is a non-profit organization committed to helping homeless ...

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