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Diemen, Netherlands

Volunteer Opportunities in Diemen

1–10 hrs/wk
Transport & handyman
Due to a knee disability, I regularly seek help for transport (car), also for things including lifting, and (technical) jobs around the house, and also for ICT.Posted by Coronahelpers
One day · 2–4 hrs
Amsterdam Zuidoost
Wanted: Gliphoeve's heroes
Outdoors, working with animals, or a sales hero? We provide all kinds of volunteer work!Posted by Buurtboerderij Gliphoeve
1–8 hrs/wk
AANEEN is Iedereen
Wereldwinkel AANEEN is the social enterprise of the AANEEN association. All skills to remain successful are required. Help with accounting, growth, etc.Posted by MAEX
One day · 2–4 hrs
Wil je onze website in Wordpress incidenteel bijhouden?
We are looking for someone who wants to update our website in Wordpress.Posted by Stichting Vrouwenruimte De Kat
7 hrs/wk · 25 Sep – 26 Feb
Strengthen the biodiversity in the urban vineyard of Bret!
You take on the role of consultant and tackle the question: how can Bret's urban vineyard enhance biodiversity? Sign up here!Posted by Groen Traineeship
7 hrs/wk · 25 Sep – 26 Feb
Bioblinkers in beeld: Zet succesverhalen in de spotlight.
You will look for the most special, successful and biodiversity-enhancing business cases that can be found in the Netherlands. Sign up here!Posted by Groen Traineeship
One day · 0–2 hrs
Corona help in Amsterdam South
Do you want to do something in South? Are you at home because of Corona and are you bored? Or do you just want to help? Sign up and we will discuss what you can do together.Posted by Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam
8 hrs/wk · 25 Sep – 26 Feb
The GT Core Team: Organize, Communicate and Diversify!
Wil jij meedraaien met het landelijke team van het Groen Traineeship, en een uniek kijkje achter de schermen krijgen? Meld je hier aan!Posted by Groen Traineeship
8 hrs/wk · 25 Sep – 26 Feb
GT Connectors
Are you going to connect in the Connectors team of Groen Traineeship? Sign up here!Posted by Groen Traineeship
7 hrs/wk · 25 Sep – 26 Feb
Let's Talk That Talk: green themes for and by young people
You will work on creating an annual program of lectures, workshops, activities and discussion evenings on social and green topics.Posted by Groen Traineeship
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Organisations looking for volunteers in Diemen

Home-Start Diemen

Ondersteun tijdelijk een gezin, luisterend oor, opvoedvragen, praktische hulp ...

VIVOS Diemen

Op 1 december 1986 werd de Vereniging Initiatief Voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking ...

War Child

Wij geloven in de kracht van kinderen. Met onze hulp kunnen kinderen in oorlog ...

War Child Nederland

War Child helpt de oorlog uit een kind te halen via bescherming, psychosociale ...

WarChild Nederland

Een kind hoort niet in oorlog thuis. Kinderen hebben het recht in vrede op te ...

Upcycle Connection

Upcycle Connection is een combinatie van aandacht voor ‘mind, body & soul’ ...

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