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Diemen, Netherlands

Volunteer Opportunities in Diemen

Vacancy · Anytime
Visiting the elderlyEvery Saturday we drink coffee with elderly people in a residential care center. This is how we build a bond with them. We speak Dutch.Posted by Stichting Sant'Egidio Nederland
One off · Anytime
Have fun! Games or activity supervisor at the GliphoeveOrganize fun activities for our neighborhood children!Posted by Buurtboerderij Gliphoeve
One off · Anytime
Marketing held gezocht! Who can help us with social media and our website?Posted by Buurtboerderij Gliphoeve
One off · 2–4 hrs
Jack-of-all-trades? Then come to the Kinderboerderij GliphoeveOutdoors, working with animals, or selling hero? We provide all kinds of work!Posted by Buurtboerderij Gliphoeve
Vacancy · 22 Nov 2019 – 20 Dec 2020
Healthy Lifestyle (Every Friday)This afternoon is a special for women with dialogue and activities with the aim of a healthy lifestyle.Posted by Civic Amsterdam
Vacancy · 20 Nov 2019 – 1 Dec 2020
Activities for migrant women (Every Wednesday)Organize activities for migrant women who need care or senior.Posted by Civic Amsterdam
One off · Anytime
TaalmaatjeYou practice Dutch for an hour (or more) per week with a status holder who fled to the Netherlands not so long ago.Posted by Civic Amsterdam
One off · 2–4 hrs
Organize a fun activity for women!Women want to do some fun in a trusted group. Do you want to organize an activity for us?Posted by Civic Amsterdam
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Organizations looking for volunteers in Diemen

Home-Start Diemen

Ondersteun tijdelijk een gezin, luisterend oor, opvoedvragen, praktische hulp ...

VIVOS Diemen

Op 1 december 1986 werd de Vereniging Initiatief Voor Ontwikkelingssamenwerking...

Dierenambulance Amsterdam

De Dierenambulance Amsterdam is 7 dagen per week, 24 uur per dag bereikbaar en...

Dansgezelschap Groundbreakers

Talentvolle makers bundelen hun krachten en werken samen in proces naar een...

War Child

Wij geloven in de kracht van kinderen. Met onze hulp kunnen kinderen in oorlog...

Upcycle Connection

Upcycle Connection is een combinatie van aandacht voor ‘mind, body & soul’...

Buurtboerderij Gliphoeve

De Gliphoeve is een gezellige, laagdrempelige, groene ontmoetingsplek middenin...

Dynamo Amsterdam

Post Oost is a participation center for guiding people towards volunteering,...


‘Assadaaka’ betekent vriendschap. Stichting Assadaaka Community staat voor...

Buurvrouwennetwerk Amsterdam Oost

We strive to stimulate the personal development of women based on their own need...

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