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Huizen, Netherlands

Volunteer Opportunities in Huizen

Vacancy · 1 Aug 2020 – 1 Jul 2021
Performer Actress InTheater Music Production looking for enthusiastic performer (f) (Planning in consultation)Posted by Tourplanners Foundation
Vacancy · 14 Aug 2020 – 10 Jul 2021
YFU is looking for host families for foreign studentsGa de uitdaging aan en Make the World your home: word gastgezin van een buitenlandse scholier!Posted by YFU Nederland
Vacancy · 1–4 hrs/wk
SEO SPECIALIST We are searching for a volunteer that can have a look at all our meta descriptions of our website pages and also create an alt text for our pictures.Posted by Foundation 22STARS
Vacancy · 2–4 hrs/wk
Fundraiser and grant proposal writerIdentifies funding opportunities from corporate, foundation, and government sources. Develops, creates and write grant proposalsPosted by Foundation 22STARS
Vacancy · 3 hrs/wk · Starting from 1 Jan 2019
PR medewerker Posted by Stichting Vier het Leven
Vacancy · 3 hrs/wk · Starting from 1 Jan 2019
PR medewerker Posted by Stichting Vier het Leven
Vacancy · 4 hrs/wk · 1 Apr 2020 – 31 Oct 2020
Skippers wanted!Do you have your small boat license and would you like to tell us about the Fortress? We are looking for skippers for our museum boat in the season April - October.Posted by Stichting Het Nederlands Vestingmuseum
Vacancy · Anytime
Fundraiser Princess Maxima centerWe collect craft supplies / school supplies and / or toys, including reading books and puzzle books.
Packaged Stuff! Because of the vulnerability.
Posted by Coronahelpers
Vacancy · 1–3 hrs/wk
social Walkingvolunteers who would like to walk and / or talk or a combination with one of our elderly (slightly to heavily forgetful) once or twice a week.Posted by Coronahelpers
Vacancy · 1–2 hrs/wk
social volunteerWe are looking for a social person who wants to be a discussion partner, who can give attention to one of our older residents. in order to gain meaning.Posted by Coronahelpers
One off · Anytime
Interpreter Arabic, Tigrya and FarsiAdministration and More supports people with a low income in financial administration matters. Many of our customers still have great difficulty in DutchPosted by Coronahelpers
Vacancy · 4 hrs/wk · Starting from 11 May 2019
Telefoon vrijwilliger de LuisterlijnPosted by De Luisterlijn
Vacancy · Starting from 1 Feb 2018
geldvinder :-)Posted by Stichting En Classe
One off · 2–4 hrs
Wanted: Gliphoeve's heroesOutdoors, working with animals, or a sales hero? We provide all kinds of volunteer work!Posted by Buurtboerderij Gliphoeve
One off · 2–4 hrs
Mini golf attendantA fun afternoon with the children from the neighborhood!Posted by Buurtboerderij Gliphoeve
Vacancy · 4–8 hrs/wk
Running a second-hand shop!Running and hosting our second-hand shop!Posted by Buurtboerderij Gliphoeve
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Organisations looking for volunteers in Huizen

Stichting Vier het Leven

The Vier het Leven Foundation organizes film, theater, museum and concert visits...

Vier het leven

Stichting Vier het Leven organiseert culturele activiteiten voor ouderen (65+)...

Vivium Zorggroep

Vivium Zorggroep is de zorgspecialist in de regio Gooi en Vechtstreek en...

Dynamic Arts

Stichting Dynamic Arts is een platform voor dynamisch jongerenwerk,...

Stichting AAP

AAP geeft apen en andere exotische zoogdieren weer een toekomst. We vangen...

5000 stappen

De wandelgroepen van 5000stappen.nl zijn bestemd voor iedereen, jong, oud, dik,...


Jongeren, ouderen en beroepskrachten leren zelf bijeenkomsten, treffers en...


Op 27 januari 2017 is de Stichting Regenboogbuurt opgericht. De stichting heeft...

Stichting Broodje Hagelslag

Wij helpen jongeren die door omstandigheden buiten de samenleving dreigen te...

Voedselloket Almere

Het VoedselLoket Almere(VLA) heeft als doel mensen, die door financiële nood...

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