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Nijmegen, Netherlands

Volunteer Opportunities in Nijmegen

2–4 hrs/wk
Volunteer (s) Supportive ContactVoluntary buddies of Humanitas Nijmegen Supporting Contact offer support to people who feel lonely.Posted by Humanitas afd. Nijmegen e.o.
1–3 hrs/wk · Starting from 13 Dec 2020
Dog wanted to be able to let out / give loveI am looking for a dog who can use some love and attention and who wants to be let out.Posted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
3 hrs/wk
Visit to old womanVolunteer / er f / m visiting mother-in-law 1x per week; she does have enough practical help (groceries, cleaning, etc.), but she often feels alone.Posted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
4–8 hrs/wk
Become a Campaign Team Member for BOB or MONOEnthusiastic campaign team members BOB and MONO for companies in Gelderland and OverijsselPosted by Veilig Verkeer Nederland
1–2 hrs/wk
Activity supervisorElderly care organization De Waalboog is looking for activity supervisors for its residents. This can be done individually or in a group.Posted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
One day · 4–8 hrs
Garden helpWeeding, garden maintenancePosted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
One day · 0–2 hrs
Buddy for activitiesElderly care organization De Waalboog is looking for buddies who want to walk / drink coffee, etc. together with residents. Can be done individually or in groups.Posted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
1 hrs/wk · 21 Jul 2020 – 21 Jul 2022
Looking for buddiesFor the Friends Service project, we are looking for a buddy to do fun things with for a lonely, psychiatric client.Posted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
One day · 2–4 hrs
1-on-1 help in times of CoronaFeel like cooking for someone? Sign In!Posted by Vrijwilligerscentrale Nijmegen
Are you cooking a nice meal for a neighbor?Do you like to cook and do you like to make a neighbor happy with a nice meal? Register with the Home Cooking Foundation!Posted by Thuisgekookt
1–2 hrs/wk
companion buddyFor elderly people in Nijmegen we are looking for buddies who have a few hours a week for a visit, chat, outing or a stroll around the block.Posted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
1–2 hrs/wk
Companionship buddyTake a (short) walk together through the neighborhood or just someone who visits you regularly. When family lives far away or your friends and acquaintancesPosted by Stichting EJVO
2–5 hrs/wk
Help buddy wantedIt concerns my mother who is 85 years old. She is very lonely, has hardly any contacts and feels very lonely.Posted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
One day · Anytime
Walking with dogsI am looking for someone who would like to walk my two dogs for an hour on Monday, Wednesday and FridayPosted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
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Organisations looking for volunteers in Nijmegen

Gelderse Handen

Gelderland Hands is an umbrella organization for all volunteer work in ...


The Wereldvrouwenhuis offers homeless women without a residence permit an ...


Beleef cultuur, bouw mee! IBO-Nederland organiseert en ondersteunt lokale ...

IBO-Nederland - vrijwilligerswerk in het buitenland

IBO-Nederland is a foundation with love for the world. We have been around since ...


IBO-Nederland strives to cooperate selflessly in the realization of local ...

ZZG zorggroep Juliana

Objective organization We make a sustainable contribution to people's health, so ...

Coronahelpers Gelderland

The Coronavirus outbreak puts many people in difficulty. Those most affected are ...

Stichting EJVO

EJVO (Fair Youth for the Elderly) is a foundation established to provide support ...

Stichting Hulpdienst Nijmegen

Stichting Hulpdienst is a volunteer organization that offers help to the ...

Stichting Pelita

Services to elderly people with a background in the former Dutch East Indies

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