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Purmerend, Netherlands

Volunteer Opportunities in Purmerend

3 hrs/wk
Become a driver (on call) for Leviaan in Hoorn and Enkhuizen
Leviaan is looking for a driver on call to drive their clients between Hoorn and Enkhuizen.Posted by Leviaan
One day · 2–4 hrs
Corona relief in Landsmeer
Do you offer a listening ear? Do you bring groceries or do you help someone with informal care? We can also use your help in Landsmeer.Posted by Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam
0–4 hrs/wk · 30 Aug 2021 – 1 Apr 2022
Dik Trom is looking for enthusiastic masters or teachers
Which enthusiastic (ex) teacher would like to strengthen our team as teacher or master for group 3-4 of schools that come to visit the "School of the Old"?Posted by Stichting Het Schooltje van Dik Trom
1–2 hrs/wk
We zijn op zoek naar vrijwilligers of sportopleiding studenten die onze jeugd met een brede glimlach kan begeleiden. Ben jij of ken je iemand die onze jeugd eenPosted by Tafeltennisvereniging Backhands
One day · 0–2 hrs
Corona aid in Amsterdam North
Hey Noorderling! Are you at home and bored? Or do you just want to help? Sign up and we will discuss together what you can do about Corona Help in Noord.Posted by Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam
Workshop · 4 Oct, 13:00 - 15:00
Workshop Contact maken via vrijwilligerswerk
Tijdens deze workshop leert u hoe u hulp vraagt, wat u van contact verwacht, welk vrijwilligerswerk er in uw omgeving is en of vrijwilligerswerk bij u past. Posted by Vrijwilligerspunt
18 Oct 2020 – 18 Oct 2021
Hiking volunteer Mr. and Mrs. D
Fancy a chat or a nice walk outside?Posted by WilgaerdenLeekerweideGroep woonlocatie De Rustenburcht
Kom jij ondersteunen bij de creatieve middag?
Verven, plakken, schilderen, lekker creatief bezig zijn kan jij daar ook zo van genieten? Kom de deelnemers van deze creatieve activiteit ondersteunen!Posted by WilgaerdenLeekerweideGroep woonlocatie De Rustenburcht
One day · 0–2 hrs
Car wanted
A safe way for a nursing home employee to visit her parentsPosted by Coronahelpers
4–8 hrs/wk
Taste Before You Waste
We need someone to work as a fundraiser, someone who can help us find funds and apply, someone who can find sponsors.Posted by MAEX
Event · Anytime
Make the digital world more accessible to the elderly!Posted by SeniorDigiNetwerk
One day · 2–4 hrs
Dansen met ouderen
Dit is een event waar we gaan silent disco'en met ouderenPosted by Test
1–2 hrs/wk
2 sweet boys (7 & 5 years) help spelling & reading
Adam (7) & Iliyas (5) would like to be helped at home with practicing spelling & reading books.Posted by Coronahelpers
1 hrs/wk
Social Media Manager
Menaswell is looking for a new social media manager to build the work we do with our partners into a fully-fledged social strategy (Starting with Instagram).Posted by Menaswell
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Organisations looking for volunteers in Purmerend

Stichting Melanoom

Stichting Melanoom is een organisatie van en voor patiënten met melanoom, ...


Prinsenstichting biedt zorg en ondersteuning aan mensen met een verstandelijke ...

Evean Oostergouw

Evean Oostergouw is a nursing home where approximately 250 vulnerable elderly ...

Hebben & Houwen

We are a clothing bank for Amsterdam eo. we want to contribute to the fight ...

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