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Rotterdam, Netherlands

Volunteer Opportunities in Rotterdam

Vacancy · 14 Aug – 10 Jul
YFU is looking for host families for foreign studentsGa de uitdaging aan en Make the World your home: word gastgezin van een buitenlandse scholier!Posted by YFU Nederland
Vacancy · 1–4 hrs/wk
Creative content writers and brand strategists We are looking for creative content writers and content strategists that can help us with social media posting and content strategyPosted by Foundation 22STARS
Vacancy · 2–4 hrs/wk
Fundraiser and grant proposal writerIdentifies funding opportunities from corporate, foundation, and government sources. Develops, creates and write grant proposalsPosted by Foundation 22STARS
Vacancy · 1 Aug 2020 – 1 Jul 2021
Performer Actress InTheater Music Production looking for enthusiastic performer (f) (Planning in consultation)Posted by Tourplanners Foundation
Event · 6 Sep, 12:00 - 17:00
Corona stewards wanted for street theater festival DelftHospitable people who guide the public in safe seating at the music and street theater performances and on the catering terraces in the park at a free festival.Posted by Coronahelpers
Vacancy · 1–2 hrs/wk
Record an audio book! (Rijswijk)You will record a book in our professional recording studio, so that people with a visual impairment can listen to 'your' book. Will you become our hero ?!Posted by Stichting Dedicon
Vacancy · 40 hrs/wk · 16 Aug – 21 Aug
Cabin construction week supervisorsIn the week of 17 to 21 August, YMCA Zoetermeer organizes a cabin building week for children between 8 and 12 years old and you can join as a guide!Posted by YMCA Nederland
Vacancy · 3 hrs/wk · Starting from 1 Jan 2019
Activiteiten begeleider Posted by TeamUp
Vacancy · 20–38 hrs/wk
The Hague
Supervisors for youth activities Summer-3-day!Do you help with a summer 3 days? A day camp for 3 days, full of sports, games and workshops, from cooking workshops, to sports clinics or living stratego!Posted by YMCA Nederland
One off · Anytime
Den Haag
GroceriesHi, I am in my seventies so I belong to the risk group. I am looking for someone who is willing to do the shopping for me.Posted by Coronahelpers
Event · Anytime
Den Haag
Help ons met bedankjes!Femmes voor Freedom wilt graag iedereen bedanken die zich inzet voor ons doel. Help ons met het samenstellen van bedankjes naar onze supporters. Posted by Femmes For Freedom
One off · Anytime
personal coach of children with disabilitiesChildren with and without disability guidance during a super nice holiday week.Posted by Stichting Wigwam
Vacancy · 8–40 hrs/wk · 19 Jul 2020 – 21 Aug 2020
Champions and Supporters wanted for the Olympic Wigwam GamesSupervising a child with a disability during the activity program.

You must be aged 18 or over for this position.
Posted by Stichting Wigwam
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Organisations looking for volunteers in Rotterdam

City Wish Walk

City Wish Walk is hét nieuwe wandelevenement voor Stichting Make-A-Wish en vindt...

Dutch Double Bass Festival

Dutch Double Bass Festival shows that the double bass and bass guitar are...

Nico Adriaans Stichting

Begeleiding en opvang voor alle Rotterdammers die dit nodig hebben


Do you like to make other people’s day? RotterJam aims to build meaningful...

Stichting Zomercarnaval Nederland

Summer Carnival Foundation The Netherlands strives to make the world around us...

Vluchtelingen voor vluchtelingen

Stichting Vluchtelingen voor Vluchtelingen geeft praktische hulp aan...

Argos Zorggroep

Vrijwilligers zijn onmisbaar, ook bij Argos Zorggroep! Vrijwilligers geven extra...

Wmo Radar

Maatjesproject waarbij we door middel van huisbezoeken, bewoners willen bereiken...

Stichting DeTafelVan

DeTafelVan provides solutions for after-school care (TSO) at schools.

Na de oorlog

We leiden naoorlogse gastsprekers WO2 en andere genocides op om hun persoonlijke...

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