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The Hague, Netherlands

Volunteer Opportunities in The Hague

Vacancy · 14 Aug 2020 – 10 Jul 2021
YFU is looking for host families for foreign studentsGa de uitdaging aan en Make the World your home: word gastgezin van een buitenlandse scholier!Posted by YFU Nederland
Vacancy · 1–4 hrs/wk
SEO SPECIALIST We are searching for a volunteer that can have a look at all our meta descriptions of our website pages and also create an alt text for our pictures.Posted by Foundation 22STARS
Vacancy · 2–4 hrs/wk
Fundraiser and grant proposal writerIdentifies funding opportunities from corporate, foundation, and government sources. Develops, creates and write grant proposalsPosted by Foundation 22STARS
Vacancy · 1 Aug 2020 – 1 Jul 2021
Performer Actress InTheater Music Production looking for enthusiastic performer (f) (Planning in consultation)Posted by Tourplanners Foundation
One off · 8 hrs
Den Haag
Do you also participate in YourCube?Do you want something good for society? And develop yourself with that? Then the Social Service Time (MDT) might be something for you!Posted by YourCube Den Haag (Netwerk Haagse Helpers)
Event · Anytime
Den Haag
Help ons met bedankjes!Femmes voor Freedom wilt graag iedereen bedanken die zich inzet voor ons doel. Help ons met het samenstellen van bedankjes naar onze supporters. Posted by Femmes For Freedom
Vacancy · 3 hrs/wk · Starting from 1 Jan 2019
Activiteiten begeleider Posted by TeamUp
Event · 1 Sep 2022, 10:00 - 20:00
Giving sustainability guest lecturesTeach others about a better world!Posted by Butterfly Effect
One off · Anytime
askMy question is what can I do, I want an appointment with my doctor for a spot on my leg, but I am not allowed to come because I am 72 years oldPosted by Coronahelpers
One off · 2–4 hrs
Help in the gardenWould someone want to sweep up the leaves collected on my garden path by the high winds in front of my house? Because of an operation I cannot do that myself for now.Posted by Coronahelpers
One off · Anytime
Six groceriesSix messages. Pay them back immediately via Tikkie. Got quite sick, so I'd rather not go to the supermarket. Live on the Van Hasseltlaan.Posted by Coronahelpers
One off · Anytime
personal coach of children with disabilitiesChildren with and without disability guidance during a super nice holiday week.Posted by Stichting Wigwam
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Organisations looking for volunteers in The Hague

PEP Den Haag


Samen Hier

Together Here links (friends) groups of five Dutch people to an individual...

Wool for Warmth

Wool for Warmth is a non-profit organization committed to helping homeless...

Netwerk Haagse Helpers

Wij zijn het jongerennetwerk van Den Haag, die hulp biedt aan mensen met weinig...

Alphen aan de Rijn e.o.

UNICEF heeft een opdracht: ervoor zorgen dat elk land de rechten van kinderen,...

UNICEF Nederland

UNICEF heeft een opdracht: ervoor zorgen dat elk land de rechten van kinderen,...


Zorg & Zo Buro maakt een koppeling tussen ouderen en zorgstudenten voor passende...

Stichting Rumi

Stichting Rumi stelt zich ten doel het bevorderen van de zelfredzaamheid,...

Genootschap Onze Taal

Genootschap Onze Taal is een vereniging met meer dan 22.000 leden. Onze Taal...

YourCube Den Haag (Netwerk Haagse Helpers)

YourCube is dé plek om je Maatschappelijke Diensttijd traject vorm te geven.

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