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Wijchen, Netherlands

Volunteer Opportunities in Wijchen

1–4 hrs/wk · 21 Sep 2020 – 20 Sep 2021
Bike walking buddy; FridaysI am a woman of 60 years old and live in Tolhuis Nijmegen. I like to go cycling and walking, but my visual impairment makes this difficult. Will you come with me?Posted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
1–2 hrs/wk
help with climbing stairsEvery other week my son stays in a three-storey flat. He needs help (an hour Fri, Sat, Sun, Mon) to go up the stairs.Posted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
1–4 hrs/wk
Buddy with a love for watching sportsFor one of our clients we are looking for a friendly and humorous buddy who loves to talk about sports.Posted by IrisZorg
0–1 hrs/wk · Starting from 8 Nov 2020
Take a walk or chatHey everyone . In the municipality of Heumen there are seniors who would like to take a short walk or need a chat. Loneliness rears its head.Posted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
2–4 hrs/wk
Volunteer (s) Supportive ContactVoluntary buddies of Humanitas Nijmegen Supporting Contact offer support to people who feel lonely.Posted by Humanitas afd. Nijmegen e.o.
One day · 4–8 hrs
Garden helpWeeding, garden maintenancePosted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
Are you cooking a nice meal for a neighbor?Do you like to cook and do you like to make a neighbor happy with a nice meal? Register with the Home Cooking Foundation!Posted by Thuisgekookt
One day · 0–2 hrs
Buddy for activitiesElderly care organization De Waalboog is looking for buddies who want to walk / drink coffee, etc. together with residents. Can be done individually or in groups.Posted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
1–2 hrs/wk
companion buddyFor elderly people in Nijmegen we are looking for buddies who have a few hours a week for a visit, chat, outing or a stroll around the block.Posted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
1–2 hrs/wk
Activity supervisorElderly care organization De Waalboog is looking for activity supervisors for its residents. This can be done individually or in a group.Posted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
1 hrs/wk · 21 Jul 2020 – 21 Jul 2022
Looking for buddiesFor the Friends Service project, we are looking for a buddy to do fun things with for a lonely, psychiatric client.Posted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
One day · 2–4 hrs
1-on-1 help in times of CoronaFeel like cooking for someone? Sign In!Posted by Vrijwilligerscentrale Nijmegen
1–3 hrs/wk · Starting from 13 Dec 2020
Dog wanted to be able to let out / give loveI am looking for a dog who can use some love and attention and who wants to be let out.Posted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
3 hrs/wk
Visit to old womanVolunteer / er f / m visiting mother-in-law 1x per week; she does have enough practical help (groceries, cleaning, etc.), but she often feels alone.Posted by Coronahelpers Gelderland
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Organisations looking for volunteers in Wijchen

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Stichting Hulphond Nederland

Opleiden van hulphond voor mensen met handicap Activiteiten

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Minute of World Peace

a minute to bring world peace to positive attention by giving parties, meetings ...

Regioteam Nijmegen

UNICEF heeft een opdracht: ervoor zorgen dat elk land de rechten van kinderen, ...

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