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Volunteer work in Zaandam

Discover your perfect way to make a difference in the causes you care about
Zaandam, Netherlands

Volunteer Opportunities in Zaandam

4 hrs/wk
Museum of Humanity Host
Word host bij het Museum of Humanity voor een paar uur per maand.Posted by Stichting Museum of Humanity
One day · 2–4 hrs
Corona relief in Landsmeer
Do you offer a listening ear? Do you bring groceries or do you help someone with informal care? We can also use your help in Landsmeer.Posted by Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam
Event · 22 Jul 2017, 18:30
Enlight your wish
Posted by Enlight your wish
4–8 hrs/wk
Supporter on group evenings with young people from EventHands
The youth workers with practical tasks help in the group evenings, and start a conversation with young people/build a bond.Posted by EventHands
One day · Anytime
Trashless Reporter
Posted by Trashless
Event · 14 Mar 2019, 18:00
Buddies wanted!
Posted by Cordaan
One day · 0–2 hrs
Corona aid in Amsterdam North
Hey Noorderling! Are you at home and bored? Or do you just want to help? Sign up and we will discuss together what you can do about Corona Help in Noord.Posted by Vrijwilligers Centrale Amsterdam
Event · Anytime
Make the digital world more accessible to the elderly!Posted by SeniorDigiNetwerk
Event · 8 hrs · 15 Jun 2019, 06:00
Co-Cycling Tour 2019
Posted by Stichting Co-Cycling
4–8 hrs/wk
Taste Before You Waste
We need someone to work as a fundraiser, someone who can help us find funds and apply, someone who can find sponsors.Posted by MAEX
1–2 hrs/wk
2 sweet boys (7 & 5 years) help spelling & reading
Adam (7) & Iliyas (5) would like to be helped at home with practicing spelling & reading books.Posted by Coronahelpers
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Organisations looking for volunteers in Zaandam

Zorgcentrum Pennemes

In het hart van Zaanstad ligt Pennemes. Sinds 1677 is onze missie het verlenen ...

Evean Oostergouw

Evean Oostergouw is a nursing home where approximately 250 vulnerable elderly ...

Yada Yada

Yada Yada is op het HEMbrug terrein gevestigd. In de oude munitiehal staan nu ...

Zaans Praatcafé

Het Zaans Praatcafé is in 2000 voortgekomen uit onze wens: "Wij, mensen die zorg ...

Zaansche Molen

Vereniging met 3500 leden en 300 vrijwilligers die 13 historische Zaanse ...

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