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It's a crucial part of our society

44% of people volunteer on average at least 2 hours each week

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76% feels healthier after volunteering

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92% of recruiters agree volunteering improves professional skills

It's the future

77% of millennials prefer to donate their skills instead of money
Sources: European Commission, 2015. CBS 2015. Forbes, 2010. LinkedIn, 2016.
Sources: European Commission, 2015. CBS 2015. Forbes, 2010. LinkedIn, 2016.Sources: European Commission, 2015. CBS 2015. Forbes, 2010. LinkedIn, 2016.

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Alexander Rinnooy Kan
Josephine Sillevis Smitt, volunteer
Özge Yilancioglu Erol, Country HR Manager UPS Netherlands
Guido van Reeken, Charity coordinator at LZML Groningen
Tommy Pauws, University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam
Tonia Dabwe, Mineke Foundation
Desirée Botterman, Volunteering coordinator Het Danspaleis

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Learn new skills through volunteering
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  • Easily motivate students
  • Create impact goals