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Award Winning Volunteering Technology: Our Solutions

Our technology helps your organisation activate, manage and measure the impact of your volunteering communities via your own styled Deedmob platform
Volunteer Centres

Volunteer centres

Many volunteer centres around the world use a Deedmob platform. Our partners connect volunteers to charities, social organisations and much more. Find out more about Deedmob's solutions for your volunteer centre via the button below!

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Deedmob enables companies to make a corporate volunteering impact that is measured against the SDGs. The platform enables them to activate their employees to do good and to use their professional skills. This button shows our solutions for companies.

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Public-Private Partnerships

Public-Private Partnerships

The ideal partnership. Municipality, volunteer centre and Deedmob work together to connect the city with the power of volunteering. Social initiatives are linked to business to make an impact together. Communities become so much stronger. Click to find out more.

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Government & Emergency Response

Government & Emergency Response

Deedmob enables partners to act quickly in times of crisis and to reach a next level in intergovernmental cooperation. Curious to see what Deedmob can do for you? Find out more information by clicking on the button below!

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Whether it's an education government program or as a university looking to do more for society with students, we are your partner. With Deedmob, students and scholars are paired with local communities to make an impact together. Click to find out more.

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Numerous foundations and charities use Deedmob's technology to coordinate and inform volunteers worldwide. Do you want to learn more about our charity volunteering tools? Click the button below to see our solutions!

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“Deedmob improved the way we reach citizens!”

Deedmob has really improved the way we reach citizens. Their service is professional and pricing is very reasonable

Rob de Jong
Director Deventer Doet
Rob de Jong, Director Deventer Doet

"The results have been amazing! 

Last year we started our social impact programme together with Deedmob and the results have been amazing. We’re looking forward to what the future brings!

Bart Bolger
VP HR at TomTom
Bart Bolger, VP HR at TomTom

“Managing our activities has never been easier.”

Deedmob has helped us focus on what’s important as a charity. From engaging the right people for our cause to keeping a clear overview of our volunteer database, managing our activities has never been easier.

Reinoud Beimers
General Manager 10000 HOURS
Reinoud Beimers, General Manager 10.000 Hours