Offer for volunteer centres, NHS, counties, municipalities

We offered volunteering organisations free use of our solutions during Covid-19

Offer for volunteer centres, NHS, counties, municipalities

We started the platform around the time of the Coronavirus outbreak in the Netherlands as a partnership between 50+ volunteer centres, municipalities and welfare organisations. It all went very fast. Since then, there have been an awful lot of registrations and media attention from all sides (NRC, FD, Forbes, Quote, GeenStijl, etc.).

It is expected that more and more people will need help in the near future. People with underlying health problems, the elderly, the sick or those with vital occupations need extra support in this difficult time. Therefore, we must quickly expand the network of local authorities and care institutions. Not only to reach more people, but also to make sure you have insight into all the people who have already offered their help through Coronahelpers.

In order to do this, we have decided to offer welfare organisations, municipalities and volunteer centres free use of the technology that we normally provide in a paid way, especially to fight together against Corona. This involves a completely private domain, website and look & feel. Information in brief can be found at We are always happy to give an online demo.

Would you be able to use the technology? We would love to hear from you at Together we are strong against the virus 💪