📰 Deedmob news: technical updates and more

Deedmob news: technical updates and more

📰 Deedmob news: technical updates and more

Hello all,

We hope you are doing well! We have some news for you. See below for the technical updates 👇

1) Deventer Doet was in the news locally with a nice video about their launch. You can watch it by clicking on the link!

2) The launch of the platform of the Province of Limburg - #WijZijnVrijwilligers - was a big success! Here you can watch the video in which Boudewijn further explains the platform during a talkshop on Limburg broadcaster L1.

3) In a column in de Volkskracht, attention was paid to a study of the think-tank Denkwerk, of which Boudewijn is a member. The government should not be bigger or stronger. It must be better'. Certainly worth reading for anyone who has witnessed at close quarters during the corona crisis how the government has acted in relation to the voluntary sector.

4) Boudewijn was a guest at the Dutch Transformation Forum, where he talked about the importance of volunteering, volunteer centres and charities in our society. Wouter Bos, Marielle Tweebeeke and the CEO of ASML were also present - let's hope they listened well!

🤖 Technical updates:

1) Accessibility Statements: all sites that have to comply with the new WCAG regulations from the Dutch government (these are public and semi-public institutions), are also required to have an Accessibility Statement on their site. All sites now have such a statement in the footer of the site (unless I e-mailed you about it separately).

2) Improved export of registrations: if you now make an export under Admin Panel > Data > Registrations, you get a lot more useful information out of it. Try it out! Thanks for your suggestions to improve this - this is how we make Deedmob Tools better for everyone :)

3) Update for the activity overview: the activity overview on organisation pages had a bit too many different buttons. We could also see from the data that organisations were having trouble with this part of the site. For this reason, we have reduced the number of actions (mostly under the drop-down menu 'more'). Below you can see a before-after:

Graphical user interface, applicationDescription automatically generated

4) You can select your own timeframe in analytics: below again a before-after

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Chart, pie chartDescription automatically generated

5) New buttons: Last but not least, we have created a new kind of button/link. You can now create a button on your site, with which an orgaisation will immediately create an activity. Deveter Does is already using this button. I have added a video below explaining how this works! Do you also want to put such a link on your own site? Then please send us an e-mail.



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