Deedmob update January: technical updates and more!

Deedmob updates in January

Deedmob update January: technical updates and more!

Hello all 👋👋

I hope all is well with you and you had a great start to 2021. ✨

It has been a while since you have had an update email from me (I think November). For the new people on this list: Welcome! Once in a while we send out an email where we explain the latest technical updates and share some fun news from the Deedmob network. A lot has happened again, so let's get started!

📰 News from the Deedmob network: (Technical updates follow below 👇)

💉 Heading abroad: Volunteer for the vaccine. Our UK volunteer centre partner Spark Somerset has launched a campaign together with the local health authorities to recruit volunteers to help roll out the vaccination programme. The BBC reported about it (here). Within two weeks 500 volunteers have already been mobilised and things are moving fast. More info.

Deedmob wins the International Association for Volunteer Effort and the Emirates Foundation Prize for Volunteer Work in Care (from the United Arab Emirates). We developed a solution for them in one day to support healthcare staff through volunteering based on the successful Coronahelpers formula. It looks like this will be implemented soon, more about that later...

🙌 Weesp bedankt campaign by Versa vrijwilligerscentrale: Versa volunteers centre and the municipality of Weesp used Deedmob Tools to automatically hand out thank-you notes to volunteers. Volunteers could choose a thank-you gift (e.g. a nice bottle of wine) via a new page with a push of a button and were sent a unique code with which they could collect a thank-you gift from participating companies. More information.

🙋 The year of the volunteer has started! The NOV organises a big campaign around the year of the volunteer in 2021 called Mensen maken Nederland (People make the Netherlands). They have designed a Toolkit for this, so that volunteer centres can easily participate in the Year of the Volunteer. We converted this Toolkit into a beautiful campaign page for the Year of the Volunteer (we have already put this page on every volunteer centre's site). Such a campaign page is especially useful for approaching local press to pay attention to the Year of the Volunteer: the press can then easily link to your campaign page so people can get involved straight away. Here we highlight a few pages. was also set up by NOV as part of its campaign. Here volunteers can nominate each other for beautiful prizes. It might be fun to include this in your communication!

❤️ Prime Minister Rutte thanks volunteers in Deventer: at the end of November they had a lovely coup at our partner Deventer Doet, Prime Minister Rutte spoke to the people of Deventer about their fantastic efforts in 2020. Read more here.

💯 1,000 volunteers for Versa vrijwilligerscentrale: Versa volunteerscentrale from the Gooi region has already mobilised more than 1,000 volunteers via their Deedmob tools website. After VCUtrecht, they are the second to reach this milestone. Of course we like to put them in the spotlight, and with them many others (including the local press and regional broadcasters in North Holland)! Read more here.

📺 VCUtrecht on TV: on 7 December, the national day of the volunteer, VCUtrecht could be seen live on RTV Utrecht. Among others director Judith Deynen and Deedmob CEO Boudewijn Wijnands talked about the future of volunteering. The alderman also announced the winners of the annual volunteer award in Utrecht. Chapeau for the whole VCUtrecht team! Watch the fragment here.

Lochem Doet is live: this beautiful municipality from the east of the country now uses Deedmob tools to find and bind volunteers for local organisations. Together with Goverien and Sonja from the volunteer centre we made a beautiful website (even if we say so ourselves). Take a look here.

🚀 Gelderland hands is live: 2021 has started off nicely, because volunteer centre Nijmegen and 9 other volunteer centres from South-East Gelderland are joining forces on 1 new Deedmob tools website. This is one of the biggest websites so far within the Deedmob family with thousands of vacancies. Here's to a great collaboration. Here you can already take a look.

🚀 The first university (Leeds Beckett University) is now using Deedmob tools: they have set up an internal platform to encourage students to volunteer remotely in the city. This is a great first test case that we would like to expand in with Dutch educational institutions in the future. To be continued! Read more here.

I amsterdam names Deedmob as one of the 'companies that made a difference in 2020': A great mention! Read the whole article here

📺 Vrijwilligerspunt Westfriesland on TV: a nice fragment of the broadcasting company from Noord-Holland about voluntary work among young people. Read more here.

Technical updates:

1) 1-on-1 volunteering: We already had the possibility to activate 1-on-1 volunteering on Deedmob tools websites for a while. This means that a user can create an activity without the intervention of an organisation and receive applications himself. From now on it is also possible to turn on approval for this. In other words, you (as administrators) will be notified of new 1-on-1 activities to approve/reject them before they are published. Of course, you will also be able to edit the activity (e.g. the text) before it goes live. We will contact some of you directly to discuss / enable this functionality. Do you want to use this functionality on your website? Please send us an email. See below for a movie about the functionality (ps: not mentioned in the video, but the person who creates the 1-on-1 activity is of course automatically notified of approval/rejection).

2) Quick action buttons on organisation page: from now on, managers of organisations can do a number of useful actions with just one click, for example, add a vacancy/workshop/event/manager. See below for a short film.

3) Improved experience for organisations that receive applications: If organisations previously clicked on the 'respond' button on an application from the application email, they did not immediately see the message screen with the volunteer in question. From now on, they will. Also, organisations will immediately see the telephone number of the applicant.

4) Add icons to buttons: it is now possible to add icons to buttons in the page tool. All buttons that go to the activity search page will automatically get a magnifying glass icon. This way it is always clear to users when a button goes to the search page (recognizable by the magnifying glass). See here a video for further explanation.

5) Customised organisation tags: we can now add your own tags to organisations. Think for example of a tag for organisations that are wheelchair accessible, or offer a certain volunteer insurance. The tag will then go to all vacancies of that particular organisation. See here a movie with further explanation:

6) Small fixes, user experience improvements for: trying to log in with a wrong password and/or with a wrong email address, trying to log in with an email address that already exists, undo/redo function when editing/creation of activities to make it easier to fix mistakes, analytics unique page views

See you soon at the next update👋.

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