Flash update: The Hague and job opening at Deedmob

A flash update for the launch of The Hague and a job opening at Deedmob

Flash update: The Hague and job opening at Deedmob

Hello all 👋

Hereby a flash update with some great news.

1) We are proud to announce that Deedmob and PEP Den Haag have entered into a partnership 🎉🎉🎉. This means that all volunteer platforms in The Hague now work with Deedmob tools. You can read more and find the announcement and an overview of the links here

2) Deedmob is looking for a new Partnership Manager (vacancy can be found here). If you know people, please let us know! The applications have been pouring in since yesterday, but applicants from your network naturally have an advantage - our new Partnership Manager will of course eventually work with you 🙌. Don't know anyone? Then a like on the linkedin post would already help a lot, maybe the right person will see it coming :)

Next week there will be more news and also a nice overview of the technical updates of recent times. See you soon!

PS: for those who receive this mail for the first time - this is the newsletter for all Deedmob partners about news from the network and technical updates 📣

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