How to optimise your Deedmob organisation page?

This article explains how to get the most out of your Deedmob organisation page

How to optimise your Deedmob organisation page?

Creative tools for creating successful volunteer placements

Now thatyou have created your organisation page it is time to learn how to get the mostout of your reach & network. To make sure your page becomes a success among(potential) volunteers, it is necessary to keep working with the platform andoptimise messages for your target group. With these tools you will reach new,enthusiastic volunteers in no time.

Nice and Social

We knowthere are hundreds of online marketing tools out there nowadays and sometimes it is hard to choose. We like to make it as easy as possible with an overview.

Find relevant Facebook & LinkedIn groups for your target (share Deeds, stories or fun facts)

Share your Deeds in your own network and social media channels

Use the Deedmob community page for help (don't be afraid, ask your questions)

Keep the content of your Deed relevant and up to date (regularly check the latest news & trends around your mission/goal)

Use social media to get to know your followers & community (answer questions and respond to feedback)

By getting to know the community around your mission and sharing Deeds with them, yousignificantly increase your chances of subscribing!

Need inspiration? 10000hrs did this & received over 800 applications in 2018 viaDeedmob!

I have created a Deed. What do I do now?

Your Deeds are doing well and the applications are starting to pour in. What are the nextsteps?

Neverforget to mark your applications as 'accepted' or 'rejected'.

Keep yourmember page updated by inviting or adding (new) volunteers

Find yourniche and determine which marketing tactics work best for your mission

Stay intouch with old volunteers and keep them coming back - use the messaging tool!

Our favourite websites for creatives (and non-creatives)

As promised: our favourite online tools to make your Deeds & Organisation pagelook professional. Here are some (free) websites to get you started right away:

·       To hire volunteer photographers, Zoomlab

·       For free stock images, Unsplash andPexels

·       For designs, Canva

·       Prefer some more of your own images?Bring a good camera to your next event (or use your phone!)

·       Create your own Deeds to recruitcreatives to give your organisation a hand (think social media experts,photographers, website builders)

·       Finally, to add GIFs to your Deeddescriptions, use Giphy