To the zoo with H&M and Atlassian

Volunteer stories at the zoo!

To the zoo with H&M and Atlassian

A fortnight ago, some of H&M's and Atlassian's employees made a 'volunteer day' andwent on a day trip to Artis Zoo in Amsterdam together with a group of Cordaan senior citizens. Sanne de Bruin shares her experience!

Oudere man met rode jas in ARTIS zoo

Bets, who is 97 years old, came out dancing. Behind her followed close friend Greet, aged88. Greet: "I don't know if I still know the way, though. It has been over20 years since I have been here."

The volunteers were there to drive some elderly people in wheelchairs through thepark, but some - including the two friends - were still walking themselves,albeit behind a walker. When asked what they wanted to see most, Bets and Greetanswered in unison: the sea lions!

In the meantime, we had a nice lunch with the food package that we had receivedearlier at the entrance. And before we knew it, it was already time to gather at the bus, so that the elderly could be brought back home. It was a wonderful day!

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